Destiny 2: Exotic Weapon Update - Vex "Nerfed", Whisper & DARCI Buffed! -

Destiny 2: Exotic Weapon Update – Vex “Nerfed”, Whisper & DARCI Buffed!

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Don’t let the title fool you, it’s a TWAB video, but it’s got some good stuff in it. Today, we’re talking weapons, mainly exotic weapons though: Vex Mythoclast, Fighting Lion, Arbalest, Sleeper Simulant, Suros Regime, Cryosthesia 77K, Leviathan’s Breath, Whisper of the Worm, DARCI, Malfeasance, Dead Man’s Tale, Heir Apparent, Lorentz Driver and Traveler’s Chosen.

Intro/Trials – 0:00
Weapon Archetypes – 1:04
Exotics – 3:40
Perks/Mods – 11:57
Future – 15:12


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  1. Darci is still going to be useless compared to other better heavy exotics. Buffs are nice and all, but they REALLY need to move it to the special slot if they want any real change to happen.

  2. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with all the changes coming.

  3. im giving trials a miss this week to, i dont like the map, i dont like capture trials and i have no interest in reeds regret (adept)

  4. I can't wait for the complete full auto setting. I don't have a physical issue but for some reason with malfeasance specifically I frequently screw up my rhythm and my fire rate goes to shit for a moment before I can get back on track

  5. Hab vex leider nicht aber ist die nicht so stark wegen dem Mod und wenn die genervt wird und die seasonmods weg sind ist das nicht wieder ein hirnrissiger Nerv von Bungie

  6. Best Datto outro ever!! Shatterdive can just eat my entire ass!! Datto-(2021) EMEA: eat my entire ass new acro lol

  7. "This is a tweak to the gun so things don't break"

    Telesto in the background: I am inevitable

  8. The vex NERF is cool with me TBF, I'm glad I won't be hit while moving anymore, the tracking on it is jank but toning that down is all it really does enough for me, the 3 kill charge is fair

    I AM EXCITED FOR MALF AND CRYO TO GO HAM IN PVE, MICRO AGERS (remember, Cryo's catalyst is now self sufficient considering that your whole mag isn't burned anymore, that is a full reload, and slows and freezes, all the time it is an unstoppable sidearm Ager, and it only makes me more excited, and the less projectile errors BC hitscan now fixed makes me much happier, the FL fixes are amazing because FL now requires literally no effort to keep the reload boost going, so if you whiff the kill-reload, no biggie, you can just reload (not the function of the gun, but a good forgiveness fixed)

  9. Main desire for catalysts is orb generation? No no, the main desire is a Kill Tracker to flex with in PVP.

  10. another update, another time Queenbreaker is ignored

  11. So… the whisper buff makes it have 12 rounds compared to 9 if you hit all your shots, epic, I still miss my boi

  12. Now we just need some updates to catalysts/ some new ones to earn.

  13. Is this as of rn? Or are these exotic updates coming later?

  14. This game has become all about calculation prediction never ending buffs and nerfs. Bored as hell

  15. sleeper is already one of the best weapons for dps tho lol. whatchya mean please be good

  16. Bungie nerfs anything that is fun to use. They nerfed the vex meth before I even got it. So now screw it I don't want it. Not sure I see the point to playing Destiny. Just a waste of time.

  17. Shoulder charinging Titans are okey for this map but not Shatterdive?

  18. Arbalest is definitely welcome. If we're getting more seasons a where only one weapon type is going to get anti barrier, it's nice to have more options than Eriana's and Lament.

  19. Glad we feel the same way about shatter dive. I see glacier nades, and I think brainless ape

  20. Pvp players strike again they're always crying there's not one gun in this game that should be nerfed in PVE it always has to do with PVP I got an idea kill PVP let them go play something else they can cry about dude…..

  21. 6 man malfeasance raids are sounding really fun now

  22. Seriously kinda cool the whisper is going back to pseudo black hammer year 1 but still it would see way more use and be more viable if converted to SPECIAL ammo bungo make it happen!!


  24. Quit bitching about shatterdive. Played all day yesterday, and died a grand total of ONCE to a SD, and killed 2. Sparky titan slam all day. SD is area control, and death to noobs at this point.

  25. Shatterdive got nerfed twice and the grenade that enabled it in the first place got nerfed into the ground and people really still crying about it.

  26. They better not nerf last word on controller. It’s my only tactic for standing a chance in harder lobbies and trials

  27. I like how they nerf guns I don't have and buff guns I do 😉

  28. I still don't think the Whisper buff will be enough, it should pull all bullets from thin air since it's an exotic and have the legendaries pull from reserves.

  29. Vex nerf wasn’t needed. It’s mainly strong rn because of the season artifact. Once this season ends it’ll be unused again.

  30. same shatter dive is a game ruining thing for me also, also warlock stasis super, they should decrasethe shater range in what i see that should be nerf in that super specificly or make projectile not track. that to make it more not instant and iminent death when playing againts it.

  31. i agree the aim assist decrease in vex, and probably thats why sidearm just do not hit for some reason when i use them at certain times.

  32. O my god finally they nerf the absolute raid boss amor the heir aparent has, serious when the arcshield became insnine people was just spaming down and literly even shruging off supers like nothing and just melting people.

  33. i agree with travelers choseen nerf.

  34. pulse monitor really good becuse you were at literly one tap when it did proc somthign similiar happens with pulse wave from chaos reach, like at that point your pretty much one tap and you wont benefit much, and in some cases weapon at that point would kill you before it could even proc, like some handcanons, probably scouts also.

  35. the button smashing no longer, and being auto will save a lot of broken controlers, i mean seriously i damage a old controler and the button literly broke becuse their was this ability in a mmo that needed you to litelry spam it 24/7 (the knight cg in trove) to the point it literly broke my button, and it seriously encorage me to not use the ability ever again.
    by the way my bad for so many comments im writting as a got threw the video.

  36. The final shaterdive coment lol, i belive also their shold be somthing more usefull to boreaslis, i mean its not bad, but the trait is well extreamly conditional then litelry any other exotic, i think it would be nice if matching combatant shield, or guradian element it could give a little burn effect, if fire, chain some damage if arc, or delay ability gen if void, and vs stasis slow targets a bit.

    ofcourse not insane but i belive it should be well more significant then what it curently has.

  37. It’s dumb that they are reducing the Vex’s aim assist but the Lorentz Driver is ok. Smh.

  38. Adrenaline junkie is about to be good now people. Gains stacks of dmg with Weapon eliminations or max dmg with grenades…

  39. I wonder if next season is Sniper Rifle season :D!

  40. Exotic catalyst will no longer make orbs. Only way to make orbs from then on will be supers. They were basically saying that without saying it. Theyre pretending like its a way to make the catalyst perk more desirable and not just the orb making. But they wont make the catalyst perks any better. Watch. They might have a specific perk now that will make an orb. They remove from one thing, to add it to another like they did something new.

  41. i respect the move to put full-auto as a mod in for those who have fine motor disabilities, but doesn't making it a mod like… fuck them over a bit? why not make it toggleable in the settings? If it uses a mod slot it means you cant use other USEFUL mods.

  42. I dont know why the sling change is confusing to people. They removed the handling buff, and now you swap weapons 10 percent faster. It used to only function within .4 seconds of running out of ammo

  43. this season literally ended the moment they said bye bye tangled shore. the season ended when 95% of my clan cant play because everything is being taken off gamepass. the season ended when bungie said F the players that got us here and now.

  44. Cryosthesia 77k could now be viable in pve. Imo

  45. YO! I am so excited about the upcoming buffs/nerfs and reworks! Especially since so much of it has to do with pvp!

  46. Imagine not having the whisper catalyst

  47. Still pissed that fighting lion still doesn’t have an actual exotic perk.

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