Destiny 2: Does Vex Mythoclast Need to Be Nerfed Now? -

Destiny 2: Does Vex Mythoclast Need to Be Nerfed Now?

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What a turn of events. Vex Mythoclast has gone from just another item off of the checklist of endless weapons to top tier insanity in both PvE and PvP. Let’s put into perspective how good this gun really is in PvE and PvP and discuss whether this beast should be tamed right now or if Bungie is just gonna let it loose for the next 6 months.

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  1. It's nice to see vex finally have some spotlight after being gutted in d1. Personally, I think after particle deconstruction is gone it will be a good pve weapon but not OP.. As for pvp I hope they just tone back the flinch a bit and make it 2 overcharge stacks per kill so 3 kills for linear fusion mode

  2. Hopefully they will start issuing permanent account bans to vex users in pvp 🙂

  3. Probably the most nerfed weapon in the Destiny Universe. Just leave the damn gun alone lol.

  4. What I've never understood is if people in pvp dont like it, why must they nerf it in pve as well? Why cant they just make it deal less damage in pvp and still be good in pve?

  5. It’s perfectly fine in pve it’s just the season of fusions and therefore understandably strong and I hope the devs see that and why it shouldn’t be touched.. in pvp however they should just change it to use special ammo with it getting a single mag on spawn

  6. ooh links.
    another resource to use that should be ingame already.
    Bungo need to lay off the hidden stats nonsense considering how much of it is only hidden in-game. By all means have an advanced tab (or better yet a built in lookup table in the collections manager that combines and half of the gods-work tables build by the best kind of people.

  7. power creep is natural to an extent people always want something shinier to chase.
    the vex buff still screams of over-compensation, especially given the seasonal fusion buff.

    if it's a shift in the direction of exotic primaries then it shouldn't have been upgraded standalone in the way it was, theres plenty of auto-rifle exotics that are gathering dust because their use-cases are too niche to bother with versus a special/heavy face-melter (especially with trace rifles being so efficient with special ammo).

  8. my issue is thus.
    Exotics should have an edge over regular weapons. Be it a special mode/quirk (the exotic fusions are easily my favourite example of this, each unique, useful and interesting in it's own way), a general stat-increase (enough to set it apart from it's archetype), or a simple damage/reliability/ effect. Vex has ALL of these and then some.

    raid weapons likewise should have not so much of an direct advantage over regular drops but should have a refinement of their characteristics.
    IMO this should primarily be in the perk and stat options, ideally by having either a pool or by locking in more-likely perk combos to specialise the weapon in specific ways (range, reload, stability, double-utility, maybe even some fire-rate perks, etc) not so much a pure advantage as a honing of the archetype towards specific roles/themes. Repeat raid runs should be encouraged by the limited possible acquisitions per-week and a low-exchange rate (lots of tokens needed) selectable perk/theme rolls (like umbrals but a lot more expensive, specific per weapon and used more as a backup mechanism than primary acquisition method) rolls and through the hunt for exotics, armours and to round out.

    world drops should run the gamut of possibilities but be edged out in base-stats versus more specialised drops.

    faction/open-world items should refine certain characteristics (theming is key).

    nightfall/GM should be the best in class with perks not available in raids but have more generic utility, useful everywhere but not quite on the cutting edge without a godroll.

  9. In Trials Vex has been dominating in the last 3 weeks alone has either been the most used or second most used weapon in Trials according to Trial Report with Week 72 being responsible for over 6.8 million kills near double that of The Messenger at 3.7 million kills. Even in the week after still only about 100,000 kills between Vex and Messenger then the week after that again tens of thousands between them. So yeah a PvP nerf would be good but I think in terms of all PvP modes it isn't as popular as people think in quickplay or comp modes. It is just Trials that is the problem. What Bungie need to do is lock equipment in a Trials game I have had so many people start NOT using Vex to only start using Vex when they are behind. That to me is a much bigger problem than Vex itself

  10. I hate the bloom on the receiving end of this gun, I throws me completely off

  11. no meme i think its balanced. Its just the babies who whine when their one playstyle gets countered just adapt.

  12. Thing is. It doesn’t need nerfed in PVE. It’s a raid exotic and it makes you incapable of using 1k or lament etc. That’s the trade off. PVP is another animal. But it’s a raid exotic. It’s SUPPOSED to be god tier. In every game there is a weapon that is better than all the rest. That that weapon should be a raid exotic.

  13. Vex mythic last runs PvP. Currently playing trials and I haven’t seen a single person not use vex or chaperone.

  14. To fair hitting a target with your shots is how you proc most perks in this game

  15. I was googling vex for some odd reason and the first thing that popped up, was vex needs a nerf. I instantly knew it was a datto video. Go play with your fake tits and leave the weapons in Destiny alone not everything needs a damn nerf. It just came out ffs.

  16. I've seen it everywhere to the point of I don't even want it anymore

  17. Got the vex this week. So happy. It is incredible in pvp. When you get a kill, holy shit good luck to the enemy’s teammate nearby especially if you split between them before. It is great but you still have to try, which makes me think it’s not at the broke point. If a weapon can just W key and just hold the trigger but you have to be smart

  18. Welp. Nerf incoming.
    Dmg said it wouldn't be nerfed into the ground, but to be honest, Bungie has the subtlety of a tank, so I'm not sure I trust that statement.

  19. I got mine today, had it in d1 but they nerfed it so I would never use it as my exotic slot
    In PvP I really like it but a good ace or thorn outguns you easily even if u land good shots so pleeeeas don’t nerf it bro it is THE vex mythoclast it neeeeeds to pack a bit of a punch

  20. If you nerf it’s range, it’ll have shorter range then shayuras… an smg… lol

  21. Nerf away in PvP, don't mind that at all. It does not need a PvE nerf, however. It's only strong in PvE atm because of Particle Deconstruction.

  22. I think it's dumb that they made this so broken if you get this to drop your basically untouchable in pvp

  23. This weapon is completely broken wtf. Literally no drawbacks, non-existent ttk in pvp, and a primary exotic that does more damage than most special exotics. This weapon is 100% broken and the only people who say it isn’t are the ones who already have it and don’t want their cracked weapon to be nerfed.

  24. the nerf bringing me back to this video. i think vex should stay this cracked cuz its a raid exotic

  25. This is what I wanted from launch Vex, at least for the first week. Lol

  26. To offer money only that bungie nerfts the hunter is ridiculous. If you can't lose then leave the game. Worlock has a one-shot skill, titan also and with hunters he should be generated. 😡😤😡😤 You love nerfs, nerfs, nerfs, the main thing is not to be able to lose

  27. Wowww you basically get free heavy ammo for just TWO kills that’s acc insane

  28. My ps4 has been out of commission for a year now and I haven’t played since season 12 of the release of Beyond Light. To hear how amazing Vex has become again brings me back to my D1 Veteran Golden Age Days. So I’m hyped to get my hands on this shit once my new system comes in, I’m going all in this season before Witch Queen. If I can Get the Reckoner Title, I can definitely grind out Vex. Wish me luck with my light leveling y’all. I play on 3 characters and I believe I’m in for a rude awakening for a lot of things. 💀💀

  29. On my 25th attempt I finally got it. And of course, now their nerfing it. It better be a tiny tiny nerf.

  30. Exotics, specially raid exotics shouldn't be nerfed cause they are hard to get. What they should do is nerf the community.

  31. If something is hard to get and it takes dedication and time to get it deserves to be op

  32. "Waaaaaah I can't no-skill people with 140s or shitterdive anymore!"

  33. this aged well. they announced a decrease in aim assist in PvP and you now need 3 kills for overcharge instead of 2. this will affect the gun in PvP slightly but not really in PvE. I worked hard for this gun, people would be upset if they made the mythoclast bad again. this "nerf" can correct the 2 things in PvP people dont like about it while not affecting the PvE only guys. If you are to nerf a weapon at least they did a good job on this one.

  34. My problem with vex is simple the charge time is less then then the fastest ttk of sidearms meaning it can kill faster then sidearms more accurate and at greater ranges extreme greater ranges.

    Its using primary amo as if it was heavy amo.

    It damage ramp and stability are insane compared to what the normal archetype is suppose to have its aim assist is the best in the whole game 100 aim assist it has.

    Its works as 2 weapons.

    Its has insane accuracy and easy to aim compared to literally every other 360 auto-riffle

    It can kill as fast as any sidearm in its normal firing mode thank to the rpm buff it has, with makes it kill also faster then normal autoriffles.

    Especially the drawback that are present in 360 archetype including all archytpe of sidearm, same damage bettter, more acurate, more stable, and easier to aim and hit and less conditional with heavy amo mode with the lowest charge time in the game and the most accurate higher aim assist as using

    primary amo instead of heavy amo

    It literally as if suros regime and arbalast has a night of passion and became a absolute prodigy of a son and then also genetically modified to be even more powerful

  35. Tbh even before I got the vex when I got shit on by the vex I couldn’t even be mad considering the drop rates and horror stories

  36. I think raid weapons should be a little op it’s better than having raid weapons be garbage.

  37. Naw they bet not nerf it because I want to enjoy myself with it when I get it

  38. I don’t see this being nerfed for pve next season

  39. Y’all ducking annoying always want everything nerfed let the game be and that’s it

  40. Check the description for the spreadsheet! I didn't post it originally because I didn't want anything getting overwhelmed as the last couple of times I did that… Bad Things Happened (TM).

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