Destiny 2: "CLAST OF ITS OWN" Guardian Games Vex Mythoclast Ornament! (Cool Perk Activation Effect) -

Destiny 2: “CLAST OF ITS OWN” Guardian Games Vex Mythoclast Ornament! (Cool Perk Activation Effect)

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Since I found this ornament pretty cool in that it completely changes the colour of the glow and the class based coloured parts of the gun when activating Temporal Unlimiter I figured I’d upload a very short video just showing it off so others can see it, since obviously if you don’t have the gun or the ornament you’ll never be able to see or even know that the weapon does this with this ornament. This will hopefully let people decide whether they want to buy it or not too!

Anyway yeah that’s it for this one, never really decided to cover ornaments before but maybe I’ll do more in the future if I really like one or something.
As always fellers, thanks for watching!

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  1. Such a cool ornament! Way better then the chrome one

  2. I only just got Vex like last week or so after trying to get it since D1 and I instantly got this ornament for it. I have the chrome one too but I legitimately like the look of this one. The little special effect when going into linear mode is just a plus.

  3. getting this later, I gasped when I saw it change colors lol

  4. DONT BUY WITH SILVER JUST YET it was data mind that this will be sold for bright dust week 3 of the event. if they turns out not to be true then go ahead. but wait till week 3 and might save yourself 10 bucks.

  5. Wish most color on it was not dark like could just gave it rainbow animated shader

  6. it seems like the last three raid exotics has a eeh ornament then the fallow up one is way better.

  7. Cool, another shader ornament. Exactly what everyone wanted. /s

  8. I just need vex now💀 I’m at 34 clears

  9. Vex gonna be nasty with solar 3.0 next season, 15 out of 25 of my clan now have it, 6 stack banner will be fun

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