Dealing with MY COMPETITION! / Live Video Game Hunting -

Dealing with MY COMPETITION! / Live Video Game Hunting

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Everything is recorded on my iPhone 14 Pro Max/GoPro Hero 11 and edited on my M2 MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro X



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  1. God of war Ascension on PS3 is my favorite for sure but they are all good!

  2. Collectors Luck Never Runs Out Of Luck Pickups All The Time

  3. The Jungle Beat sleeve is reversible or at least it is in the UK.

  4. As someone who played Back At The Barnyard on PS2 it's unironically a pretty good game, it's actually better than the Movie tbh lol

  5. Right there with you dude! GoW on PS4 is my favorite in the series and just a couple months ago I 100% completed it! HATED the Valkyries lol

  6. Boy, I would love to have that issue of having too much video game inventory… I am so low in inventory my ebay store is dead. Its not yard sale season where Im at, yard sales still happen just too hot. Its pushing 100 plus degrees by 7am here. People dont want to have outside sales and they dont want people in their homes looking around. Just cant wait for it to cool down so I can get back to good yard sales again.

  7. 😎😎⭐️god of war the one with the big tits in ps3 game

  8. It's like you ne every go thrift stores no more

  9. Aqland mirror video gamer and collector says:

    My favorite God of war games are to be honest is the original 6 games. I really like them a whole lot. The original controls are my favorite. So God of war ascension, God of war chains of Olympus, God of war 1, God of war ghost of Sparta, God of war 2 and God of war 3. I have all of them on ps3 physically. Plus the original 2 games on ps2. Plus also God of war 3 remastered on ps4. It's hard for me to choose between them. They are all great to me.

  10. 18:51

    I've been curious about Pricecharting. How do you actually post all those Loose and CIB games like that on their website to get the total amount of money for everything you had and does it require you to create an account on their website in order to use whatever this feature is?

  11. God of War: Ascension holds a special place in my heart! The visceral combat, breathtaking visuals, and gripping storyline had me hooked from start to finish. Kratos' journey to break free from the bonds of Ares and face his past demons left me on the edge of my seat. The epic boss battles and intense action sequences felt like an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride. As I explored the mythological world, I was mesmerized by the rich lore and intricate level designs. The emotional depth in Kratos' character development was unparalleled, making me empathize with his struggles as well as his redemption. Ascension truly captured the essence of the God of War series while adding its unique flavor. It is a masterpiece that never fails to bring out my inner warrior and reminds me why I fell in love with the franchise in the first place! 🔥💪

    Best of luck with the for-parts stuff btw

  12. PS2 Games are uber-durable except the blue ones. You've made a great buy. ^⁠_⁠^

  13. God of war 3 is my favorite. I remember being blown away by the graphics on my led 1080p tv back then. PS3 was a huge jump.

  14. i played God of war on PS2 once, Thought it was good. But I Do Need God of War 2 For My Greatest Hits Collection. 🙂

  15. My favourite gow game is the first one I played with my cousine, god of war 3 on ps4

  16. I played 1 and 2 and maybe 3 when I was in Afghanistan. I can't recall which was rhe best but they were solid games.

  17. Ragnorok was the first gow I competed the I followed up with the ps4 gow. Finished both this year, have all others on ps3 but haven’t gotten around to finishing them yet. Guess I’ll do them backwards

  18. I have never played God of War but loved to play it if I’m chosen.

  19. 11:20……the awkward pause kinda wierded me out…..lmao.🤣

  20. I'm impressed on how well that machine resurfaces.👍

  21. God of war on ps4 spent so much time playing ▶️

  22. Bro that nonchalant trying to be quirky funny “ well not a new car but new to me” lol bro said I’m happy taking ur stuff to make money but idc about ur life accomplishments 😂nawn gtho

  23. Currently God Of War Ragnarok is my favorite. Awesome video

  24. The first God of War on the ps2 is my favorite. Can't go wrong with the classic.

  25. WOW!! Great Pickups!! I wish I had the time to do game hunting, fixing and selling stuff like U do….. God of War 1 was probably my favorite such a crazy action game!! Such a Great Game that’s like 15 yrs old 😀😉😀😃😀

  26. My favorite GOW was the first one, the first I played.

  27. The old god of war games are good, but favorite has to be go of war 2018, such a great story with all the feels!

  28. maybe take some of that stuff to a video game store

  29. I found that video very awkward. And I thought you were a little pushy. Do like your videos just this one seemed awkward.

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