Day 1 Vex | Tips, Tricks, Laning, and Analysis -

Day 1 Vex | Tips, Tricks, Laning, and Analysis

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Vex is an anti-mobility burst mage and the first yordle released in five years. In this video, Quinn explains his findings on her unorthodox power curve and lane phase and explores the options available to League’s newest mage.

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0:00 Ability Overview
3:00 Skill Order
3:53 Combos and Strings
4:51 Purpose and Laning Analysis
6:56 Off-Roles
7:29 Itemization and Runes
9:26 Closing Thoughts


  1. 156 subs? Not for long, you will boom. Your video is so valuable.

  2. I'm starting to wonder if you intentionally omitted Malphite from this video 😔

  3. Been looking around for Vex resources from people who've had more experience with her during pbe etc and this is a goldmine of information. Thanks for making such an informative yet easily digestible video, man!

  4. Really helpful, thanks a lot! I was tired of watching videos of people literally reading her kit and showing only one rune set because they think it's the only viable one and calling it "analysis", thanks for your opinion and ideas on her gameplay <3

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