Dawntrail Will Have More Content Than ANY Other FFXIV Expansion | Xeno Reacts - oramagamestudios.com

Dawntrail Will Have More Content Than ANY Other FFXIV Expansion | Xeno Reacts

Xenosys Vex
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Xeno reacts to the Final Fantasy 14 Battle Content coming in the Dawntrail that was revealed at the Japan FFXIV Fan Fest. Dawntrail will have every type of content introduced in any expansion in the past and more. Raids, Dungeons, Ultimates, Variant, Bozja/Eureka, Island Sanctuary, new limited job and more are all coming in Dawntrail.

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  2. I skipped all the hildibrand quest starting from HW, this is to let people know it took me 2hrs to skip everything till I reach the first step of the relic. Would probably be a lot longer if I started from ARR. Even just finishing the quest this 6.55 was a damn pain to do.

    Edit: Eureka was such a grind when it was initially released and I hated it. If you missed out on the hype train on Eureka, you're fucked (at least in my DC) and that's why some people hated at it at first. After 1 expansion later, it was chill because the grind was less than it initially was and there are still some groups that still schedule to do the BA. TL;DR I hated the grind fest but when it was nerfed it was fun. Special thanks to the community that still kept on running scheduled BA runs.

  3. 17:44 Xeno… you bitch just as much as everyone else does though! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Alex, I take things Developers say if people are unhappy with a game for 30. Getting more content than endwalk had isnt really hard. But is it good or also just Endwalker levels of good. The new Alliance raids are the worst ones they ever made. And the rest wanst that good either.

  5. What's the difference between Hildy and MSQ? Why different treatment? Isnt it the same logic?

  6. Yeah no one liked Eureka when it came out. Devs couldn't fix it in time and Pagos was trash. Then Pyros (and then Hydatos) came along and fixed shit and made it fun.

    Wild that.

  7. Listen I've started last week. Ti's shit all new to me.

  8. What if they just make Dark Rampant in replacement of light rampant and reverse what you're supposed to do? That way it's a new mechanic, its in reference of light rampant, but its not exactly made harder, just made different and fucks with people who are used to it being the other way.

    I figure in the Eden ultimate they're going to explore "What if Gaia didn't stop Ryne in time and there was another flood of light?"

  9. Beastmaster is so pog BUT , why won't they rework the pet system man , Verminion is such a boring game mode , and absolutely dead too, just make pokemon battles man ;_;

  10. damn Dawntrail have so many content, 8.0 could be out 3+ years later after 7.0

  11. Tbh, I won't be hyped for this expansion until there is some sort of sign it won't be Shadowbringers 3.0.

  12. Eden Ultimate, hell yeah, i need to clear this at all costs.

  13. New 10 years of recycle contents great 👍

  14. SE: we dont want to add cross-job glamour because it effects the artistic integrity of the game


  15. I hope new Field Ops will give exp. Eureka would be awesome if it could lvl alts. I liked Eureka elements system better than Bozja's potions/skills but i despised that it felt like bonus bonus content since it did not give exp. If Eureka gave exp I'd feel far better doing it before lvling all the jobs first.

  16. The point ist Eureka is fine now, but imagine doing it when it comes out… what i heard it was shitty af and they fixed it so today its really fun but it wasnt during release…

  17. so sick of casters getting fucking gowns and robes and shit.. i want more trenchcoats and stuff

  18. The fact that this expansion is going to have all the content that’s been introduced over 10 years of expansion dropped in this one single entry is ridiculous.

    Too many that have experienced each of these contents individually over time it may not seem much but that is a lot to have in one game.

  19. INB4, the jungle dungeon they showed is gonna be Mayflox Unstop or some shit

  20. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Even more walls and crap netcode, but more importantly than even that we have the same format of play for the next 2 years….. How I love this game!
    AND AHHHHHH YES!!! More fruity content(LIFESTYLE!!) and not more Bozja. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus

  21. i played ff11 in the UK from 2004 iirc, hardcore for over 15 years… i would love a ff11 remake but… anything to celebrate all those lost hours is welcome heh (note to Xeno ^^ its slow for a reason, youll see if you play it to endgame, theres alot to think about and do while you are using actions. Also, the actions are really situational at times rather than spammed so "slower" is welcome. lastly, you get alot of haste (skill/spell speed) later also and multiple hits also). If a remake comes out, make sure you play it, its hugs and so amazing at times.

  22. The Paladin , in my opinion, looks like the best one we've gotten to date. The only one that's close is the Shadowbringers set.

  23. Story skip or not. The game is story based. If you don't like hildibrand, they and I don't care. Do it or skip. Get over it. This is a STORY game. The weapon isn't even mandatory. I'm not complaining about savage or ultimate weapons. even tho I don't enjoy it. If you don't like it, don't do it. Simple

  24. 0:57 Looks like the JP said "Level-adjust subquest", so probably just all those standard ! marker quests that sync to your level

  25. I'm such an idiot but can they just add some anti aliasing to the game bro. I don't care how many fps i lose I HATE THE JAGGIES.

  26. ARR still had the most content…i miss ARR..

  27. I'm incredibly excited for the XI raid. It'll be nice to see those characters and bosses again.

  28. It's funny how people will retroactively glorify things just to say 'old thing better, new thing bad'. The "muh midcore, EW is dead cuz no Bozja" crowd really likes pretending Bozja was this universally praised and enjoyed piece of content. I remember plenty of comments saying they should stop wasting dev time on Bozja, because it didn't engage a big enough part of the playerbase. But the midcore players have will get what they want I suppose. Watch people complain in 7.0 because it isn't exactly what they want.

  29. The grasping comments here are more amusing than the video. But we all know those people will still be playing in Dawntrail. 😆

  30. Lmao I too have thought that I would hate to be a dev listening to the comminuty’s fickle feedback. Must be frustrating for them.

  31. i can confirm, skipping through hildibrand for like 4 hours was obnoxious

  32. But you know what it won’t have?

    More glamour plates and hats for Viera.

    I just don’t care about this crap anymore. The dungeons are going to be tired in a week. The raids played out in 4 weeks.

    I now only really care about my own toon and playing my own game within the game. I have no idea why more glamour plates and proper character customization weren’t more of a priority.

    This will be the first expac launch I won’t be playing since Stormblood. Playing for story and some wall to wall dungeons just don’t do it for me this time

  33. 17:40 , yeah ikr?

    I wonder why people really wanted to play the MMO part of the game like Eureka/Bozja/Firmament in FFXIV.

    Honestly, for the life of me I can't figure it out.

  34. I didnt play endwalker past the MSQ because no bozja or eureka. FFXIV feels bad if you don't raid.

  35. I’m hyped for Dawntrail. I hope that because it’s a new story it will have as much content as ARR if not more.

  36. Well, at least the editor didn’t put his angry face on the opening picture . I was half expecting it 😂

  37. I remember the outcry for Eureka, "no one" liked it and everyone said it will be Diadem 3.0.
    It went so far that after the BA hype was over, Eureka was really dead for a few month, at least on Light.
    Then a community started to build up around it and it is now one of the most active content.

    You can no enter any Eureka Island during normal hours and find a group to spawn NMs, or join one of the many BA runs a week.
    Like, BA went from "we maybe fill a group on Saturday evening" to "gl getting a spot on the friday morning run"

  38. Im not liking the whole cyberpunk vibe in those areas doesnt fit the game

  39. its funny to see people using "mid" as not bad nor good, when we all know mid means dog shit bad

  40. More content than ever!

    That you will be skipping just so you can get to your sweaty raids.

  41. Can you quit the game already? WoW seems like a better fit. You're the smallest percent of the playerbase. No one wants what you want, Story Skipper.

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