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Dawnbringer Vex Skin Spotlight – Pre-Release – League of Legends

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This is a teaser spotlight of Dawnbringer Vex with ingame gameplay!
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Price: 1350RP

Skin name is CONFIRMED as Dawnbringer Vex, particles & SFX may not be final.
Check out the other skins in this cycle.

Full Skin Spotlight will be released in the near future which will go more indepth.

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00:00 Recall
00:18 Splash
00:23 Emotes
00:50 Basics
00:55 Q Ability, Red = Empowered, Blue = Regular
01:06 W Ability, Red = Empowered, Blue = Regular
01:20 E Ability, Red = Empowered, Blue = Regular
01:36 R Ability
02:24 Crit
02:29 RIP
02:35 Respawn
02:40 Homeguard
02:48 Chromas


  1. Her ult is basically she turning into shiny Gengar

  2. they should have made the colors softer and more pastel, it looks so odd rn, i hope they fix it

  3. Her splash art reminds me of Ti'Zo from Pyre

  4. Second chroma from the left looks absoluteley stunning.

  5. Her shadow is very pretty in this skin, I just wish that her ears looked fluffier like base skin

  6. Is the first they made for every character was good or the best they’d never make any money

  7. The Dawnbringer Vex portrait looks better than the skin KEK

  8. are we gonna ignore the fact that her shadow made a heart shape when she mentioned viego???

  9. uh the colors on this just
    do not
    go well
    at all

  10. So.. Vex is a dawnbringer and Lillia is a nightbringer? This makes no sense.

  11. guys someone of you know when she will be in game?

  12. The skin’s texture is not so good, her base skin is look better than this. but the effect is ok, I guess.

  13. the VFX are stunning, but the model needs a lot of work

  14. the real question though is why a dawnbringer skin and not a duskbringer one

  15. Her death animation killed me, does a whole ass flip before falling flat on her face lol

  16. why are most of the new characters being released with bad skins?

  17. How to counter vex:

    Go to settings and turn off shadow

  18. Some of the her chromas fit the skin theme better

  19. The should have waited until Halloween and release her with a according skin.

  20. why every skin which is relased with new champion looks like shit xd

  21. This is a really UGLY skin! Riot had to pull it out because they usually make one to sell when the new champion comes out. Let's just hope they already have one ready and WELL DONE for Halloween!

  22. I am so disappointed on this skin lol

  23. no offense to my good designer made a wonderful technical job. BUT THIS IS UGLY AS HELL OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD kill me

  24. honestly this would be better if they give lilia dawnbringer and vex as nightbringer tho but it's still good tho the effects and all. It's just vex' attitude doesn't fit to be a dawnbringer and lilia too

  25. Mummy Vex skin make it happen.
    mummy/pharraon ghost skin
    throwing bandage

  26. I got dawnbringer vex on chest check the video on my channel

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