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Dawnbringer Vex Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

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League of Legends Dawnbringer Vex Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Vex on their Dawnbringer Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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00:00 Splash
00:08 Turnaround
00:27 Emotes
00:54 Recall
01:07 Passive
01:14 Basics
01:21 Empowered Q Ability
01:28 Q Ability
01:35 Empowered W Ability
01:47 W Ability
01:57 Empowered E Ability
02:08 E Ability
02:18 R Ability
02:55 Crit
03:02 RIP
03:08 Respawn
03:14 Homeguard
03:23 Chromas


  1. The sleeves are ridiculous. How could be classic Vex be so great and this skin look so terrible? Waste of time doing that

  2. Very confused why she wasn't given a Nightbringer skin considering her "emo" nature.

  3. looks like trash, prob the worst release skin out there

  4. Gonna be my next main next to Zoe 😍

  5. I kinda enjoy the duality here… Vex is a dawnbringer but Shadow has nightbringer elements, like it is a darkness that creeps on her. Cool concept, seems like its a common theme with the other skins

  6. tbh the colour platte of this skin reminds me of the star guardians skins. ok new idea what if vex was added to the dark star guardians

  7. The first chroma looks like SG miss fortune xD

  8. I like the effects but I think vex looks really bad

  9. Blegh… This Day One skin is as bad as all the others…..
    but i still want it.

  10. Just got this skin out of a Worlds Orb 2021 on day 1.

  11. I actually like this skin and her character itself ngl

  12. its not the worst skin out there, but the original sure looks better

  13. i hate this skin ;3; i wish they gave her a Halloween one

  14. I mean they could've just given her white with light blue hair instead of rainbow but I still like it

  15. so boring this skin. the standard skin looks much better imo


  17. Tbh i kinda dislike this skin, but with the blue and white chroma it looks pretty decent (especially because it removes the weird orange glow from the passive)

  18. Why…dawnbringer…? It doesn't fit her at all wtf.

  19. Idk I like the skin, the sound effects are nice, and the colors on the abilities are really pleasing to look at. Her hair’s a bit too saturated, but the nightbringer in her ears on her passive tones it down, makes it look cooler

  20. It's the burning looking passive which make this skin look awful.

  21. This skin looks so bad. They should make a new skin concept for Vex. She needs a new skin line.

  22. Maybe just me but… E Enpowered looks like the mask of Yoko Taro or what???

  23. this is so bad :)) the entire skin and chromas, even if i would get this skin in a chest, I wouldn't make it a permanent. Imagine pajama guardian vex, that would be cute AF, even with the dark tones

  24. I never would have thought this was a Dawnbringer skin without being told.
    It's a decent skin, just… failed to hit that theme.

  25. I got dawnbringer vex on chest check the video on my channel

  26. The sound effects are the same as the new porcelain skins. I legit thought this was a porcelain skin

  27. I started to play vex a lot in solo Q and I wanted to get a skin. I came here to see if it was worth getting, and I'm happy I checked before buying it.

    The base skin is so much better, they managed to make her only skin worst than her base skin lmao gg rito

  28. I get the irony of the dawnbringer skin. But it looks ugly idk, very forgettable

  29. im a vex main and i dont like this skin. hope there will be a new skins for her soon

  30. her original skin is better xddddddddd

  31. crazy how much they charge for these skins… i've played a bit recently but only did in season 1 and 2, you'd usually get 2 skins 1 was like 975 the other was half or 520. now all new skins are like 1820?? thats like 20-30 dollars isnt it wtf??????? whos buying this especially with those skin shards in game why buy anything.

    and i think if this was the original vex, and i saw a skin come out for the real original vex the dark one, i'd think the dark one was way cooler fck this im not buying it lol

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