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D2R New 2.4 Runewords!! – Flickering Flame (Nef Pul Vex)

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Hello Guys and Gals Today we finally get information on a New 2.4 Rune Word called Flickering Flame (Nef Pul Vex)

Level 4-8 Resist Fire Aura When Equipped (varies)
+3 To Fire Skills
-10-15% to Enemy Fire Resistance (varies)
+30% Enhanced Defense
+30 Defense Vs. Missile
+50-75 To Mana (varies)
Half Freeze Duration
+5% To Maximum Fire Resist
Poison Length Reduced by 50%

Link below to the Files so you can test out the runeword for yourself =)

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  1. the big problem is all the immunities and little to no way to reasonably break them. fire is great early game as is lightning but once you hit hell it's the two biggest immunities you see. Unless they did away with immunities or give some follower from an act the ability to break them ala lower resist or conviction it will not be reasonably end game viable. Lightning builds either bank on corpse explosion ala lightning assassin or rely on stupidly out of reach items for the majority of players. One big fix to this would be making it where you could do well mixing two elements in any build. Keep the power level of fully synergized skills but allow for a second fully synergized skill of a different type. Taking assassin into account that would be like taking lightning and death sentry along with a way to have wake of fire with 1 synergy and then have other points to disperse into shadow skills to bring the whole class together. you would still need your follower to be your physical damage against dual immunities but at least at that point it's very viable.

  2. This in an eth helm on a act 3 fire merc would be great, would have to pair it with conviction, but then your merc could possibly be viable. I want the PTR to get going with these changes so we can see if fire is viable in hell.

  3. Do + fire skills also work for corpse explosion since it deals fire damage?

  4. Ravenlore for Druid is better than this and doesn't take a Vex. Fire Sorcs would still be using a 2/20 faceted circlet for breakpoints and better trade offs for cost. The remaining classes aren't gonna use their fringe fire builds with how expensive it is.

  5. Anyone know if d2r is crossplay? I'm stuck playing on my ps4 for now and it's mighty lonely without any kind of lobby

  6. Great for chant sorc!
    We already use a 3fire skills helm!

  7. I would like to see this in fire sorc with dragon rw gear…

  8. Wtf is a head armor and why doesn't it have any defense. This seems so fake.

  9. Armageddon is such a shite spell in D2. D1's "Apocalypse" spell insta-targeted all monsters in the vicinity, while Armageddon targets everythign except the fricking monsters hahah

  10. I hope they do items with + to cold skills, poison lightning and so on…

  11. there is no holy fire aura , as in your selfmade item

  12. that'd actually be decent for a fire sorc. Something to finally replace a shako. A little on the pricier side with the vex but not too horrifying like last wish. that mana also makes it better for an Energy shield fire sorc if you wanted to go that way.

  13. That runeword is kinda jacked up. I will put that and a dwarf star on my hammerdin and take 0 fire damage. Way to even the playing field lol…

  14. WIll be fun to toy with on ES FB sorc…. the mana and PLR for an ES build is a nice touch

  15. Now hirelings can mabye survive The High Council in Travincal?

  16. I just wanted to say that class items, like Druid Pelts, can only drop with 2x +3 skills and 1x +1 to skill. In other words, if you had a magic [Gaean Hunter's Guise of Balance] – for instance – you could get the following:

    10% Faster Hit Recovery <— Balance Affix
    +3 to Elemental Skills (Druid Only) <—- Gaean Affix
    +3 to Tornado (Druid Only)
    +3 to Hurricane (Druid Only)
    +1 to Cyclone Armor (Druid Only)

    I've also seen some class items with 3/2/2 so it leads me to believe that there's 7 skill levels available to roll for up to 3 different skills, the amount for each is dependant on each preceding roll.This applies to all class specific items based on what I've seen through the years, though I could very well be wrong.

  17. Would ne good for a gf barb's merc too to tank those hydras lol

  18. All these new rune words suck so hard. Why not just add sockets into every piece of gear

  19. Thanks.. I have heard they are going to improve builds. This would be great on a sorce.

  20. This combined with a Hand of Justice weapon would make a fire 🔥 character extra powerful.

  21. It would be nice having some magic find too ,it could dethrone the shako for some classes so it wasnt define the market.

  22. move it boys, fire sorc comming in hot

  23. Wow… Horrible friggin stats… Really only good for a jackass firedin and a fire druid or fireclaw bear 🐻

  24. looks like useless garbage runeword to me esp for the price of a vex

  25. This one is for to complete the fire druid, beacuse needs an runeword to have a "hand of justice" weapon "dragon" shield and armor so now it's complete the fire sinergy.

  26. I believe its supposed to roll -10 to -15% Enemy Fire Resist.

  27. wouldn't be redundant that you have fire resist aura then you have also % max fire resist?

  28. They should change the inferno skill mechanic imo. Keep the damage but make it char the ground like meteor does. Scale it similar to multishot, minor length increase and width. But fire goes away when you stop channeling. 🤷‍♂️ just a thought. Would allow the skill to be more viable instead of having a fire beam chase an enemy around

  29. So the – on a facet works the same way too?

  30. So you Can male this helmet from now on?

  31. This rune word alone makes playing ladder worth it. It's very doable even for a casual player like myself

  32. Is fire druid or fire sorc even viable build at level 64+ in hell as this helm requires level 64? Because in hell most fire builds dont do much damage compared to others and there are too many fire resists.

  33. So does resist fire aura synergize with holy fire aura from dragon/hoj?

  34. omg the value of good druid pelt base might've just got exponentially boosted

  35. yeah at this point im about done with the game. never being able to find more than half a dozen games in the lobby list is pretty fucking old. now that microshit has gobbled them up, ill likely never play or buy another blizzard game. one incompetent company buying another. we all lose. blizzard is r*pe-hq and microsoft cant seem to figure out how to make software anymore that doesnt destroy peoples computers. so im just going to cut my losses and not give that trash another penny of my money. thats all i can do at this point. seems as though software companies in general are growing infinitely more inept day after day.

  36. Missing torch skiller gcs and anni. So many missing skill levels. I need a max skill level build.

  37. Why not 4 to fireskills or 5! With a vex and a pul in it.

  38. Can you make a video with all the new runeword plz

  39. This could be used with Dragon runeword and would be crazy good

  40. Can’t make one these on console unless I used wrong type of helmet

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