Cronus Zen FULL Walkthrough NEW Destiny 2 Season of Plunder -

Cronus Zen FULL Walkthrough NEW Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

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  1. im trying to configure the mouse sensibility but when i run doesnt work i turn very slowly, what can i do? Can you help me?

  2. Hi, could you send me your Discord link, please?

  3. I cannot get Cronus zen to work on my destiny 2 ps5 version. It says the controller is not recognised, is there any information or help on this ?

  4. Hey Fitness, great video as always. Can I get an invite to the discord server? Thanks!

  5. Who the fuck do you needs a Cronus for animal crossing? XD what would it even do?

  6. I have a question Im thinking to purchase one but before I do can I get banned for using the Cronus Zen??

  7. Can i use the zen with a ps5 controller on xb series x?

  8. Can I have an invite to your Discord please?

  9. Amazing guide! Thank you.
    I’m having an issue where when I go ads my screen starts shaking. Any idea what would be doing that?
    Would you suggest turn the rapid fire off completely if you are doing pve where you’re switching guns constantly?

  10. thanks for the Vid anyway to get Discord link

  11. where can i get the server invite so join your discord!

  12. Lol. I know I see everyone with the crouch spamming now when they shoot. I think it’s effective on MnK but on controller people miss their shots and also feed headshots to people who are shooting at the body.

  13. Any word if they are gunna make zen work with ps5? I miss my pro controller I used on ps4 🙁

  14. Show better how used beloader stick with cronus zen …can play all ps5 games on ps5 …thats important for all people

  15. Thank you very much, it helped me a lot to understand a little more how it works. really great contribution Doubt how do I join the discord?

  16. what is this cronus zen thing? is it cheating?

  17. can you find out the best way to set up the bow and arrow with customer fire? for rapid shooting with bow and arrow

  18. Can you set up the moon afk farm through a Cronus?

  19. Hey does this work on pc with mouse and keyboard?

  20. I thought Cronus was not allowed on Destiny 2? Sorry im just very new to all this

  21. So this doesnt work on ps5 with pe5 controller

  22. Discord link is showing invalid for me

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