Challenger Vex but its low elo -

Challenger Vex but its low elo

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A guide to playing VEX for new and experienced players :3

Vex Written Guide


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  1. Your commentary is extremely peaceful and informative you're amazing. 😄

  2. so I'm here to rant about the removal of syndra E Q combo on live servers 🙂

  3. Enjoying these vids. Been maining viktor and vex recently. Vex is really fun and her wave clear is fking great. Also when my passive is up I feel invincible bc if anyone jumps on you just w to easy fear lol.

  4. Hey Zianni, hope everything's well.
    In regards to 14:05, I know that projectiles can be leveled up as they're flying. For instance Viktor's E, his laser can be cast as E4 with E4 mana cost, but if you level it before it hits anything, it will do E5 damage. This works best with longer ranged skillshots. I don't know how a recast works in that regard, but I think leveling it would get you all the benefits of the higher ability level though I'm not an expert.

  5. Hi Zianni been wanting to ask, how do you choose between starting with D.Ring + Health Pot vs C.Pot?

  6. I’m at the start of the video, how do you approach a match up vs Swain and Viktor?

  7. Can you show some match with Zoe? I learne much of Vex in this channel, sometimes my KDA Is 16/3/12 after see you videos

  8. Been playing Vex for quite some time and I've noticed that I've been winning most of my recent matches when i build Night Harvester and Voidstaff early instead of Ludens and Shadowflame. Idk probably just my matchups or something

  9. can vex reasonably be blind picked with her current power level?

  10. The commentary is top notch as always. Great content man

  11. Ιωάννης Γιαννούλας Κοκκώνης says:

    Dunno if you'll see this but what do you think about LS saying Vex is trash tier? I get he's not exactly new to hot takes, but this just seems…kinda out of nowhere? I get she's situational but to call the pick straight up useless sounds biased

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