Challenger Vex but I ruin a Katarina's life -

Challenger Vex but I ruin a Katarina’s life

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A guide to playing VEX for new and experienced players :3

Vex Written Guide

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  1. I hold you personally responsible for the Vex army in my silver games recently. Great vid

  2. On the one hand I feel sad about your lane opponent BUT on the other hand Katarina players kinda deserve it.

  3. This video is high elo players running into a mid laner and dying

    They had to be paid actors or smth

  4. Thank you for making Katarina players suffer. You are too good for this world 🥺

  5. you got me into playing vex and now thats all i spam lol

  6. You are an amazing vex player my guy. Great vid just like always.

  7. You have three deaths and all of them were bounty ints into the enemy ADC. You also have over half of you team's kills, full build at 23 minutes and the fear of god put into every enemy player.

    Ahh, the duality of Vex.

  8. been playing vex recently, still not that good but this was a good watch

  9. ? seems like the circle pops up every time then u click the minion, idk just seeing the circle so much is just a personal thing i guess looks strange to me

  10. I hate katarina but I refuse to play against irelia so she's my perma ban, is it hard to play vex against irelia?

  11. You sound like a mega nerd … Not going to lie

  12. if i could play as half as good as you, id get out of iron lol

  13. Im a returning player and thanks to you im having SO much fun on Vex in bronze

  14. which runes do you like now after heals got nerfed

  15. considering vex isnt that popular, i usually go to you to watch videos and learn new stuff on vex :). really enjoy the gameplay and hope i can be as good 😀

  16. randomly found your channel and I love your voice/commentary/vex skills! just subbed and followed on twitch

  17. 17:50 disgusting. i need to learn better camera control for stuff like this

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