Challenger RANK 1 Vex vs Qiyana Full Gameplay Commentary -

Challenger RANK 1 Vex vs Qiyana Full Gameplay Commentary

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How to lane as Vex into Qiyana :3

Vex Written Guide


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  1. Gameplay is awesome and explaining itemization is also great. But damn dude. That mental is so bad. Hope you can be a bit more positive going forward.

  2. at 5:25 i was laughing but not going to lie i would have done same lol

  3. That first blood looked so free lol, greeding so hard for cs

  4. vid liked, btw which hotkey lets you see ur champ auto attack range and allow u to click to execute it?

  5. Nice video, i would love one where you do not get such a big lead. Focusing a bit more on laning phase.

  6. this is how i learn my match ups. Thanks Zianni, you have allowed to improve my Vex gameplay with these commentary gameplay videos.

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