Challenger Rank 1 Vex teaches you how to carry your games -

Challenger Rank 1 Vex teaches you how to carry your games

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How to lane as Vex into Viktor :3

Vex Written Guide


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  1. the runescape sea shanty, the login menu music XD love it

  2. I’ll play vex in bronze and get go 3/5/16 bc the enemy team will literally focus me rather than the 9/2/8 sylas jungle we still win it’s just really annoying it keeps happening

  3. Great explaination about itemization depending on how you're teammates / opponents are doing ! Great commentary

  4. You deserve more views. Great guides, thanks. Love the RS music btw.

  5. 200 views and only 18 likes what the hecc guys >:U

  6. As a hardstuck Iron 4 Vex mid OTP, this will be very useful in my Normals games.
    Signed, m7 Senna Supp OTP

  7. I’m new to the game and i tried Vex recently and I’m having a lot of fun with her, glad i found your vids they’re very chill and informational while also being very entertaining

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