Challenger Mid teaches you to play Vex -

Challenger Mid teaches you to play Vex

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A guide to playing VEX for new and experienced players :3

Vex Written Guide


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  1. I just realized how cute that crown is on that bear 🥺

  2. thank you for posting this!! i've been looking on how to play vex ~

  3. love ur videos always highly educational

  4. Thank you for this amazing content. If I ever choose to be a challenger edge lord this video will come in very handy Kappa

  5. hey! great video, wish there were more toad pictures at the end though

  6. Man I love when the jungler helps Zianni! It really is helpful when the mid and jungle work together!

  7. I cannot figure Vex out but I will take this info and try again.

  8. I went from Iron III to Iron II thanks to this video, really appreciate it.

  9. I don’t play mid often, but when I do I might decide play vex now lol. I guess you can say your vex is… invextious! (I’m sorry for the bad pun)

  10. just fount u man and as a Zoe main I love the content

  11. "What? You're helping me deny 400+g and experience from the enemy laner? You're LITERALLY TROLLING MY LANE REPORTED AFK GO NEXT"

  12. I just played a Vex vs Brand game like an hour ago while catching up on your videos right before I saw this. I should've watched this one first lol

  13. Just saw your vex gameplay a couple days back and saw how good she could be so I bought her. She’s literally free elo tbh. I don’t go inspiration secondary runes with her though. I noticed that you’re better off with the sorcery tree as a secondary and just getting some extra sustain stats from your shards. With the right build, she can still oneshot squishies and still provides good cc periodically so she can fit in any right comp. Almost master now because of her 😀

  14. very calming to watch your streams and uploads. best league vids out there!

  15. I was waiting on one of your videos to comment on the vex buff, I agree idk if it will solve all of her damage problems but it’s definitely welcome. I was kind of hoping her passive would get extra damage.

  16. How are you finding Vex after the Disability update? I feel like if they have one tanky person on their team it becomes really hard to get anything done.

  17. nice vid, why a norms game though

  18. no way this guy isn’t asianhalfsquat’s brother

  19. hiii zianniiii i was wondering what times you go inspiration on vex vs sorcery second? i see a lot of mixed players say different things, want to get your take

  20. vex vex vex vex vex vex vex vex vex vex vex vex

  21. I really can't find words to describe how informative these videos are.
    Really man, thanks a lot for what you do. I've searched for this for ages.
    And i even want to learn Vex. That's two birds with one stone!

  22. "So we're full build right now, basically." Has only Boots and Mythic finished… Changed video

  23. puedes poner los subtitulos en español ? me interesa aprender jugar Vex, yo la estoy masterizando 🙂

  24. new to the channel, your commentary is so good and helpful. thank you for not using that god awful royalty free music that everyone else uses

    could do without the runescape music imo. your commentary doesn’t need anything else

  25. new vex player here, got recommended you videos – thank

  26. The 10th minute is so fun! ❤‍🔥And well played on everything, pleasure to watch.
    First time on this channel. Not wantin to speed up or skip stuff, it's fun and informative.

  27. I’m loving the RuneScape music hahaha. Great vid, I wish I found you sooner!

  28. Another beautiful Zianni video. Considering a switch to mid lane, these videos are always helpful. Learning the basic fundamentals is the hardest part.

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