Casually Hard Carrying 1000LP Challenger with VEX | Challenger Vex | 11.21 - League of Legends -

Casually Hard Carrying 1000LP Challenger with VEX | Challenger Vex | 11.21 – League of Legends

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im starting to feel like a vex god vex god vex god
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  1. I love how we went from the little bundle of joy that it's Zoe to the depressing ant.

  2. Awesome video pecan FeelsWeakMan no stream today

  3. wth I thought the newest video was you playing as Bard with the title of "Mom I want X; Mom: We have X at home" meme format but with Polypuff Bard and PekinPuff

  4. no the graves saying lulu should buy liandry xD

  5. Did Pekin play Skarner mid? No.

    Lose Streak: 51

  6. Day 8: could you please give a challenger guide on how to play twisted fate even if you dont carry?

    Your vex is fire btw

  7. Pekin, the man of joy (Zoe) and Depression (Vex) lmao. Just need a merch shirt of both in a friendship sweater.

  8. No offense but really sometimes when i watch these challenger games it feels like silver xd

  9. Day 53 of asking pekin for lethality Caitlin mid 🙂

  10. Hey Pekin, love these videos, keep it up, love your commentary

  11. team chat was actual cancer….. good thing they're removing all chat 🙂

  12. Did Pekin get first 6 minions? No.

    Lose streak; 3

  13. I dont get the sense of those mid plays. Burning flashes and trading kills to a losing karthus. -_-

  14. I thought the title read 10,000 LP. Seemed legit since we're talking about ye boi Pecan. Ofc he's 10k LP

  15. person in the comments who is not subbed or liked do that

  16. This is pleasing to observe.

  17. i know syndra is pretty bad in the meta but i’d love to see you play some syndra if you ever get the chance 😀

  18. I only started, anyone have any suggestions for some main champions I should try out

  19. As much as I miss his Zoe gameplays, I enjoy him playing Vex anyway a bit.

  20. It's probably old from before the VUG but the first time I've heard of Karthus skittles… made me chuckle 🙂

  21. as much as i dislike vex, a pekin video is a pekin video, i watch

  22. Is this vex worth fighting for?
    Hint : pekin inspirational video

  23. yessss, i picked up vex cause she looked interesting, love her atm! Your videos was one of the things that helped me look at if I wanted to play her or not.
    Keep doing Vex gameplay!
    Honestly… even if you lose, i'd watch it.

  24. wish you uploaded this a little earlier last night i had to watch an old video before bed

  25. thanks for the video pekin love watching your commentaries

  26. i have no one to share this with but

    yesterday i made a play that i was proud of

    i was sona support

    my olaf was in the enemy red side jungle on the left side of the map fighting the enemy ezreal, he escaped into the dragon pit, and he was low. i knew the ezreal would probably E over the pit because he is a greedy bastard so i rotated over to the pit and the flash less ezreal was now stuck in the pit with no escape and we got a free kill off of it! 🙂

  27. pekin someone actually asked to my partner in class today. it’s so nice to feel a little wanted

  28. The legend yung fappy once again out here carrying, but it was not enough

  29. Could I ask a serious matchup question? How do you deal with Yasuo as Vex, everytime I try to trade with E, he just windwalls then stomps me because I can't fear his dash-in anymore. Any Advice? Thank you for the videos btw, it's fun to see someone play the champs they enjoy no matter how meta they are.

  30. You inspired me to start an youtube channel too! Thanks so much! Guys if you have some time please check my Lol Gaming channel and leave your opinion there! Thanks!

  31. Love the duality pekin. Get it? cuz zoe…happy…vex… sad… eh

  32. Oh shit its the rage baby wukong from the other vid!

  33. I would casually hard carry my marriage with Vex.

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