Can Game Journalists Make a Good List ?!? Xeno Reacts To FFXIV Endwalker Pros and Cons of Each Tank -

Can Game Journalists Make a Good List ?!? Xeno Reacts To FFXIV Endwalker Pros and Cons of Each Tank

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In this video Xeno Reacts to another Final Fantasy XIV List, this time not a tier list but instead a pros and cons for each tank going into Endwalker Savage Raids. This list was originally published on Esports Heaven under the title “Savage Prep – Pros and Cons of each tank”. Did Xeno finally found a decent game journalist list?

Esports Heaven article:

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  1. Another video of xenos yelling at a badly written article

  2. The only thing I hate about Warrior is that Overpower is a cone attack. For that I loathe using it in dungeons.

  3. future tank main here ngl i spit my drank when you said to turn off thrill after the heal consider my mind blown, and thanks for the pro tip

  4. presses right arrow on keyboard until Bloodwhetting segment
    watches baldy unfold

  5. Easy Paladin fix – let Blade of Valor and Goring Blade stack instead of overriding each other, BAM problem solved

  6. mfer wrote a whole sentence about shield bash being a pro

  7. can someone tell me why you would click off thrill?

  8. The biggest con of bloodwhetting is that the skill exists in the first place. It's so powerful that other tanks also need powerful stuff to even be balanced. This seriously affects a area which is beyond tanks and that is the state of a healers(who already have their own design flaws). The less a healer is needed, the worse a already poor healer design becomes… Spending 80%(or more) of a fight pressing the same button ain't fun gameplay. I honestly think that the tanks need to be pushed down a few pegs and be more in line with DRK, defensively that is… or DRK need a buff and healers need more dmg tools or things they can do when they don't heal… Don't get me wrong, i love being a healer and i love the "healer is a part of the DPS" philosophy, but the design have gone from ok to bad(ShB) into terrible(EW)… having nearly unkillable tanks just make it even worse.

    If it wasn't for those rare moments healers could aswell just play with a turbo mouse/controller that push either their AoE button or ST-spell button since most heals we do are oGCD's.

  9. As a WAR main, hearing garbage and warrior in one sentence triggers my inner release. But overall a better list than the previous ones.

  10. I think the last time shield bash was viable was during an episode of Game of Thrones

  11. who would have thought that hitting 1 enemy with bloodwhetting would not work as good as hitting 15 enemies. rip at this unforeseen occurrence. Paladin gauge is useless when it is empty… people die when they are killed…

  12. This article reads as if the author took Xeno's tank thoughts videos and transcribed them with just a little bit of opinion lmao.

  13. I hate Dark Mind, but the busters outside of 1 singular buster in P1S are all magical so it's something? Until next tier lmao

  14. p4s tankbuster does magic damage for whatever reason so Dark Mind is actually really useful there

  15. Drk self-sustain is worse than melee dps at least melee dps get bloodbath and second wind.

  16. ah yes a healing, shield and mitigation skill that costs no resource and comes up every 25 seconds, absolutely garbage, it should obviously just instakill the enemy just for touching you. buff bloodwhetting is what I'm taking from this. obviously being sarcastic

  17. long beard and no hair, perfectly balanced as all must be.

  18. He forgot about Blood weapon in the pro/con list.

  19. You do help yourself casting TBN on the other tank! You can use it to get a free Edge when you're not targeted by the TB. (you can often get a freebie by shielding a healer before a raidwide too)
    Since you get the Edge anyway and it mitigates damage it's arguably a better use of 3000 MP than just using Edge

    EDIT: I think I played with a Warrior influenced by this article in p3 this week

  20. They really need to get rid of living dead it's not fun for anyone, not for the drks, not for the healers, not for the mobs. No one likes this skill. Give drk Hallowed ground call it Unhallowed ground (real word) and call it a day.

  21. Before 6.0 Divine Veil was pretty difficult to actually be useful. The best way to make it useful then was to use Clemency, and that was loss of DPS. But now I use it, when I begin spamming Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit heals Paladin now, which serves as a good trigger for Divine Veil. No loss of DPS. The only problem here is that PLD still needs to be close enough to other party members, so that as many as possible get the benefit. And yes, PLD still doesn't get the benefit himself. It wouldn't be a big issue to buff it up, so that they too will get it. I wonder if SE thought it makes PLD overpowered, if they too will benefit from it.

    I totally agree comparing Cover and Hallowed Ground is pointless. When combined, they are powerful, but when used separately, they are two totally different abilities, no real comparison value. Cover transfers all damage from party member to PLD, making the party member invulnerable, but not PLD, unless they have Hallowed Ground on.

  22. Great video. You should watch Mishapen Chairs new video….. its AMAZING xD.

  23. This article was a roller coaster actually, dude touched on some good takes but some of it was pretty shortsighted.

  24. @7:50 doesnt TBN give the DRK a buff if it gets used up on a ally or self?

  25. The biggest con of Bloodwhetting is that you get so used to it that you miss it when you play literally any other tank

  26. 8:51 Biggest hot take ever. I'd take it as a joke if he didn't actually play warrior.

  27. GNB is overpowered in PvP compared to the other tanks. Nascent Flash being an ally move even in PvP ruins WAR

  28. I was on Pandaemonium circle 3 fighting the fire birb, and during the part where he puts the fire cross on the floor everyone decided to come to my corner for some reason, as I was using primal rend he did the ability that people all drop the aoe circles, and everyone in the group was literally standing on top of me. Proceeded to see 8 circles appear below me as I went up into the air, couldn't move during it… Lets just say the dmg I took was amazing lol, I felt like I channeled my inner dragoon!

  29. I honestly believe there should be a offensive move Pal can use with the meter. Sometimes you dont really take damage so sheltron just kinda sits there and alot of times you'll find yojrself at 100 meter quickly with nothing really worth using.

    Please just put sheltron on 20 or 25 sec cool down with no meter and give us offensive skills to use meter with

  30. warders wrath is physical dmg tho -_- lookin at you gunbreaker

  31. 18:47 when i first got TBN, I thought it felt good to use. It made me feel like the best to save party members from certain death or completely negate a tankbuster when leveling.

    Can't say I still feel that way though.

  32. 10:24 let drk get a skill like that man we on life support over here half the time.

  33. What most dudes didn't seam to notice (espacilly this jornalist) is that every tank/physicalDPS got potency dumped cuz of the weapon dmg buff confi didn"t got dumped its still at 900 pot and that basically Made up the lost requi buff

  34. I can say that personally when I started playing the game, I expected hallowed to work with cover because, get this, Runescape lets you do exactly that and it's not as broken as you'd expect.

    Just kidding, it's actually way more broken than you'd expect because rather than covering someone, you can cover as many people as you can quickly click. Also, its version of hallowed (with appropriate perks that aren't that much to ask for) is, sit down, 13.8 seconds with an 84s cooldown. Not only that, but an unrelated perk extends that to 17.4s per 84s. (The default with no perks is 10.2s per 60s.)

    Sat down yet? There's tank gear that can randomly proc to reset your defensive cooldowns. This reset itself has only a 60s cooldown after it procs and it's possible to swap to different gear to wait out the cooldown if your inventory space allows for it.

    Now of course there's some cost to this too. Using 100% adrenaline on that is 100% adrenaline you're probably not using on 37 seconds of "leylines except it's damage not sps" or on several other useful dps tools. The aforementioned gear is great for tanking, but typically pretty unnecessary, so tanks normally wear dps gear. But yeah, the only true downsides are opportunity cost and lack of necessity. It's really something.

  35. I hate that Living Dead is so shit compared to any other invul skill the other tanks have.
    It's 5 minutes CD, compared to WAR 4 minute Holmgang, while Holmgang doesn't kill you if you didn't get fully healed in the 10 seconds time period.

  36. Let's be completely honest here… Unless there is drama going on game journalist are just putting random stuff up to get people upset so more people come to their site to say "the fuck is this" it's like any CBR article

  37. 100 hours? That's rookie numbers, you gotta bump the numbers up.

  38. Paladins used to have an extra defensive called bulwark but that was removed in shadowbringers due to the changes to sheltron….was it still a bit dumb? Yeah.

  39. Was really disappointed with DRK not getting a modification to a "signature ability" and instead got 2 long cooldowns of 10% for 10 seconds for their 82. I know full well that TBN is strong as it is, but it would've been nice to get some love like a "When TBN Cracks, also reduces cooldown of X by Y seconds" or "Gives X amount of gauge when Barrier Cracks" to spice it up. It could be a few things, like -5 off of Delirium/Carve-Abyss/Blood Weapon/Living Shadow, even though making the already highest damaging tank currently getting faster damage could just make them more DPS heavy. There's also the idea that TBN could also provide Damage Reduc after it cracks so you have a backup grace period of something like 4-6 seconds of a 10% Reduc.

  40. how do you find these things lmfao
    10/10 thank you for the laughs

  41. Bloodwhetting: shield, mitigation and healing.
    Article: cons. it has falloff.

  42. Came here to say I'm progging P3S as MT on GNB right now, and I want to die. It actually feels impossible to weave things where I need them to be. ;_;

  43. Wanna give your healer a panic attack? Use superbolide.

    From my time playing gunbreaker, there's a few things that could be mentioned. The mitigations at least don't interrupt the continuation combo, just slow its usage for a moment. Unlike other tanks that get a self heal in their 1 2 3 combos, gunbreaker gets a self heal on 2 rather than 3. Aurora and heart of stone/conundrum can actually be pretty decent for offtank, helping the main tank or making the healers' jobs a little less stressful while not having to worry too much about your own self mitigations taking up much of your dps time (gunbreaker is just 3 dps in a trench coat.)

  44. Hallowed Ground outclassed by Living Dead? No effing way man, I can count on one hand the number of times Living Dead saved me and it's just statistically impossible that every healer I've played with was just bad at it.

  45. At this point they're probably just doing this shit on purpose to get Xeno to react to it for more clicks.

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