Call of Duty: Mobile - Game Malayalam Angry Review | Walkthrough Gameplay | VEX Entertainment -

Call of Duty: Mobile – Game Malayalam Angry Review | Walkthrough Gameplay | VEX Entertainment

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This is my Call of Duty: Mobile Game Review in Malayalam by VEX Entertainment.

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Game Reviews are Vex entertainment Orginal show to make you all entertain everything about the Movies, TV-series and Games. Also, we do mostly Spoiler free Reviews so there is no tension feel free to watch. I don’t like to ruin any of my viewer’s experience.

The show revolves mostly around PC Gaming

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I don’t play games on Consoles so the reviews which you see are on PC gameplay. In my view before wasting money on something we need to understand what we actually dealing with that’s my goal. Because of that, you can always expect fast and accurate Reviews That’s my promise to every one of you my friends.

So be a part of our journey, 100 % fun guaranteed 😛 Stay safe, Stay awesome Punchessss !!!

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  1. Call of duty mobile 🔥🔥Epo paranjaloo micro translation ennu atil battle pass anagel oru tavana vangeyal avar aaa cp namak terichu tarrunund … Mattetokke legendary items venengel vangichal matii bakki olla games nokuvanel cod tanne anu nallatu … Ella games num atindetaya oru scn und but cod oru one month kalichal atu manaselakum but video use full anu chilatokke parayan vittu poyangelum video enik istham ayi njan vere oru taratilum kuttam paranjatalla ☺️😁

  2. Ith irangitt kure aayille ippom review idaan kaaranam

  3. bro nee free fire review idd ninakk 100k views kittum

  4. Codm multiplayer കൊള്ളാം. Br disappointing. 1 വർഷം കഴിഞ്ഞിട്ടും trash.

  5. Bro English game reviews malayalathil cheyyamo

  6. E angry review ennu udheshikkunathu enthanu ennu manassil aakunilla 🤔

  7. I was going to download CODM but now I got Harry's review and I am huge disappointment at the micro transaction…. But i need to check out the gameplay…..

  8. Bro freefirene kurich oru video venam bro

  9. Good rewiew. Micro transactions kurachu over anu but atu alla mobile games um atu pole anu. Compared to other mobile games codm is less pay to win. Matram alla codm il weapon skins and other items free aye kalichalum kittum

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