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C9 vs CLG – Game 5 | Round 1 Playoffs S12 LCS Summer 2022 | Cloud 9 vs CLG G5

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Round 1 lcs CLG vs C9 Game 5 S12 LCS 2022 Summer Playoffs – CLG vs Cloud 9 G5 lol eSports NA LCS Summer 2022.
LoL eSports S12 LCS Summer Playoffs – C9 vs CLG G5 League of Legends NA LCS 2022 Cloud 9 vs CLG VOD 1080p Full HD.
Fifth match of the day – CLG vs C9 Game 5 full game in HD 1080p.

Cloud 9 Line-up:
Fudge – top Sejuani
Blaber – jungle Viego
Jensen – Mid LeBlanc
Berserker – Bot Sivir
Zven – support Lulu

Counter Logic Gaming Line-up:
Dhokla – Top gwen
Contractz – Jungle Trundle
Palafox – Mid Vex
Luger – ADC Zeri
Poome – Support Karma

Patch: 12.15 – Season 12
Game date: 21.08.2022 | 08/21/2022 | August 21st 2022
Game place: LCS Studio
Casters: Azael, Kobe and Captain Flowers

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  1. Game 5 after 4 bangers! I don't care who wins. These are my two favorite teams, and this has been a hell of a series!

  2. WP C9, and Glad to see that this CLG team can compete

  3. I think C9 still have a lot of improvement to do. They showed a lot of new stuff for playoffs to mixed results. Kennen/Kalista? Great. Ashe/Vi? Mixed. Renekton? Awful.

    They played really sloppy around win cons. Vertical jungling top side when you have Draven Ashe?

    CLG played well. Let's see how they do in the lower bracket.

  4. Fudge maxed out exactly where I thought he would when he first came to C9. His attitude was always going to cap him.

    Yes, his ceiling is pretty darn high, just not as high as he would have had with a better mentality. He is too easily impressed with himself.

  5. I stopped watching LCS after a few weeks into season, still just as crap. FeelsBadMan

  6. Pretty annoyed that youtube went from Game 2 to Game 5 and spoiled it for me. Anyone know of a way to not get algorithmed like that?

  7. Dokla played so well. Till got pick on top. That made the difference.
    Really nice series.

  8. Here we have c9 and clg going at it. While on the other side of the world, we have a complete lpl scrap rn. What a time to be alive LMAO

  9. jeezus.
    They really turned sivir into the next 200 years zeri with ridiculous mobility.

  10. 36:09 great play coming up from Luger so C9 can win the game. C9 Luger mvp

  11. 34:44 the turning point
    Sadge. They deserved better but C9 punished them hard. Gg

  12. Give Zven a F***ing medal this guy is absolutely insane, one of the best professional League of Legends players to ever grace the rift. The dude was one of the best ad carries in the LCS in the previous years and humbled up even more, took a support role and is the best in North America AT THAT ROLE! Zven is my all time GOAT and get's no respect. Thank you brother Zven for all you've done for my team I'll continue to support you for the rest of your career.

  13. Luger , back to bronze X please. Face-checking a bush , running ahead of the team , chasing a Leblanc.

  14. Failed season for CLG, they were a regular season team only. If you can't beat C9 you couldn't possibly beat 100T, TL, or EG in a bo5

  15. C9. Cannot. Play. Against. Zeri.

    I don't understand why they leave it up all the time. If an opponent gets Zeri and can protect long enough, C9 gets run over by that champ every time.

  16. Lugar threw so hard running into that bush blind my goodness

  17. Berserker really living up to his name at the end there!

  18. Yea zeri actually just needs to be nerfed that champ is way to strong and legit solo Carries

  19. now clg is true NA talent make that run in the lower bracket

  20. CLG played really well, sadly they threw a few times which costed them the games

  21. 11:22 I'm nowhere near challenger but I am a Vex main, and my god that combo was messy and in the wrong order.

  22. clg needs a new adc. Dhokla played fkin well on top

  23. Riot please make your game have more than 25 champions that are viable each patch

  24. I just wanna know why audio cuts out in some of the videos

  25. C9 played so bad, got so lucky lol Summit > Fudge

  26. Shout out to the guys at the sushi bar who talked about these matches. Here I am LOL

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