Building Tips Every Vex Team Should Know -

Building Tips Every Vex Team Should Know

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I’ve been planning this video for a long time, it incorporates a lot of small things that I wish I had known my first year and a half in VEX. This is my last upload for this year, and I think it’s a pretty good one to end on.

Thanks for checking out the description! While you’re here, check out my Instagram @ kepselectronics. I really appreciate it.

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  1. This is amazing! I wish I had this when I started, but still awesome!

  2. Just commenting – I know it's 5 years later but your first triangle is not a Right triangle… it's obtuse.

  3. To stop from being pushed with omni wheels, put a locked omni wheel in the middle of your robot that is facing the other way. This will give you all the pros of omni wheels and stop you from being pushed around.

  4. Just found your channel and you have some of the best vex videos on the platform! You should keep making these.

  5. Well, totally not vex making things more complicated by introducing the bluish-gray spacers

  6. Can you make a video about how to make a scissor lift

  7. Your screwjoints are wrong, and boxing aluminum whether by more c channel, or boxing with screws, is pretty much always better than using steel

  8. wait what, steel is literally 2 times heavy than aluminum?! our first bot was made completely of steel. like bruh

  9. Hi we are from Highland Highschool, Indiana and we have questions about your robots and if you have an email, can give it to us? Thank you!

  10. "There are two main varieties of wheels"
    Mecanum gang 🙁

  11. also depending on the configuration, the omnis might result in more friction since the rollers are made of rubber and it rubs against the inside of the casing. just fyi.

  12. 日本人の人いますかねこの動画見てる中で

  13. As someone who isn't part of any competitive team, rather a casual robotics club at my school, this is still really cool. I had no idea what those black holey bits were at first

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