BROKEN Infinite Sandevistan UNKILLABLE 2.0 Blade Build Cyberpunk 2077! -

BROKEN Infinite Sandevistan UNKILLABLE 2.0 Blade Build Cyberpunk 2077!

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Brand new META unkillable/god mode cheese build with infinite sandevistan cooldown & INSANE damage for you david martinez fans of edgerunners using new Cyberwear & Errata Katana with 100% Critical Damage in update 2.0 Cyberpunk 2077 for very hard difficulty & more! Full tutorial & guide with time stamps on how to be overpowered here!

0:00 Gameplay

0:40 Intro

1:31 Cyberware

8:30 Skill Points

13:07 Explaining Build

15:10 Explaining Pyromaniac

18:17 Outro

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  1. I've followed this build exactly, and I'm loving it so far, but I just have one question in regard to the thermal projectile launch system. I notice you have multiple rounds that you can fire, but I'm only able to fire once before it goes on cooldown, not sure if I'm missing something?

  2. There is a lot of builds uploaded. Only this one is not hiding behind easy enemies, lucky spawns, etc. Only this thing is not coated to look ultra strong, but it indeed is ultra strong. I am struggling to find/make anything stronger.

  3. So how does clothes work in 2.0? I noticed they don’t have armor points and you don’t have to upgrade them with components anymore

  4. being in sandevistan all the time kind of kills the charm for me. I'd rather use it occasionally for the fun and immersion. Op builds ruin games.

  5. Why not do 4 Int for vehicle quickhacks?

  6. this is great end game build possibly the best… but its a terrible leveling build you need to be lvl 44 to get 3 attributes to level 20 by then there isnt much left to enjoy in the game plus leveling tech you dont get the full benefits because cyberware is expensive and you cant equip legendary till like 40 anyways even with 50 street cred. the video suggests you go strength tech and goes "i guess dash is useful" so in reality we are only using reflex for blades meaning 2/3 attributes only use one skilltree… tf?

    my counter suggestion of blunt weapons immediately reaps the benefit of survivability, easy/early iconic weapons, insane synergy with tech and adrenaline, and low level requirements (he even admits to leveling body to 20 1st in this video)
    leveling body to 20 you immediately can choose between the survivability of adrenaline or the damage of blunt skills, 20 tech is the exact same as the reason why he goes over it, but here's the best part. the build leveling wise is done at lvl 28 and you're free to dump it into intel if you want to complete dialogue checks, or into reflex to ignore everything im saying and follow this build. as for iconics you get them relatively early with cottonmouth at fingers place, sir jon phalastiff and tinkerbell at act 2.

    cyberware is the same but i do bersek that makes me invulnerable do more dmg at low health with 2nd heart or reflex tuner incase i really underestimate dmg lol. again you have 22 levels to change your mind. great video tho liked it

  7. This vid is super helpful since I feel like I die to easily to most enemies with a 20 body, 20 reflex, and the rest in cool. Got really nerfed since before the update, I was basically invincible.

  8. How about the Scapel katana that has 50% crit chance while in sandevistan? With base crit chance + sandevistan + katana and other cyberware you can reach 100% crit chance

  9. I would advise against taking Burn this City. First it does not seem to recharge Launcher only grenades and second it removes stacks at once. Burn stacks go one by one and you want to have stacks so you have 50% mitigation chance 25% move speed and 50% explosion dmg for more damage from launcher. Also you could go to inventory screen and replace launcher with grenade when you have 0 charges. Now I wonder…if you went cool and crouch all the time for 30% mitigation chance +50% mitigation pyromania +10% cyberware. That is 90% mitigation chance and with cyberware you can get 80% mitigation strenght. If you roll some random stats on cyberware it could go even higher. Would you even need Sandevistan?

  10. Ty i am using this build omg so mutch fun… they dont know what hit them 😱😱😱 ….your haver a new sub….🤩🤩🤩 this build is wild

  11. Used to use optical camo all the time, but now not only do you barely get to use it but the camo lasts like 5 seconds so you barely get anything done. Used to make stealth missions fun cause you could sneak past enemies

  12. I have to be doing something wrong… I don’t have enough cyberware capacity to equip everything you have. I’m at 231/233.. you have 238

  13. Do you think dropping cyborg for axotl would he worth it? If so how would you build it?

  14. I use this exact build minus the blade. I spect into comador tech pistol. And use a hammer. I think it works better than katana but I don’t like finishers. Katanas need finishers to work well. Not a fan so I run tech gun one shots and hammers.

  15. Can your quickhacks crit, and if so could that be the reason DOTs would crit? Something in the code identifying the damage as a quickhack maybe.

  16. Looks really cool. What is the leveling path for this build for a new character?

  17. Shame every build video is a min-maxed , be nice to see a low level build guide

  18. Its really not interesting to play only one way, just for maximum OP, as I see you can go only 15 in REF and Body to save 10 atributes to put also to netrunner skills, also projectile launcher not nessesary for this sandi build, so save a lot points from that tree maybe putting on guns. Of course very nice video, I would like to see all around build with nettruner abilities ninja with sandi, but also capable to gun fight

  19. This is a cyberpsycho build; I put it on 15 cool and 20 reflex/tech/body and it's a spree of murder. Strongly recommend chippin' the Axolotl for this.

  20. Going to try this out I was going to go done the cool tree instead of body but now I got to try this build. Also what about the relic tree .

  21. Is ambidextrous actually needed if you don't run launcher? Because we don't need to fill a slot that doesn't exist for the "run all cyberslots" skill to work right?

  22. What sandy and katana would you suggest to use early game around the 15-20 level?

  23. I played this build it's super fun and powerful, but honestly byakko katana is way better because of the insane range. You never miss a hit and you hit several enemies at the same time. You can test the range difference on a wall, it's way more than people say. I still use the same build, just different katana, my time to kill has improved a lot, try it out.

  24. I rather the Scalpel Katana that you get from The Office Easter egg mission. "It has a unique modification that makes the katana deal Electrical damage with a 10% chance to apply the Shock status-effect. While Sandevistan is active, the unique modification also increases Crit Chance by 50% and Bleed application chance by 100%." – cyberpunk wiki
    Its perfect for when sandy is active and gives 3 modifiers. also when you get shinobi to level 60 you get that +40% crit chance and no stamina for any movement.

  25. try scalpel or the other electric katana with sandi for always crit when sandi is active but i sill like satori

  26. Thanks for the build! I started a new play through with the 2.0 update. I’ve yet to start the Phantom of Liberty. Only lvl 18 and I’m super excited to try this out. Could you tell us what to change in the build now that the DLC is out?

  27. I'm doing Very Hard, and combat is a breeze! You, my friend… are a goddamn genius. And this is not a mindless build, you need to be nimble. Its really interesting. I'm spec-ing points on my AR and SMG perks too.
    Thank you for this. You gained a sub!

  28. DON'T FEAR THE REAPER Was easy using the build… not a single bullet shot…. katana only run 😱😱😱👌👌👌

  29. the way you say Apogee is hilarious 😂 it's a-puh-jee, not a-poh-gee

  30. 1:42





    the highest point in the development of something; a climax or culmination.

    "the White House is considered the apogee of American achievement

  31. Dude just run the scalpel. You'll crit like every hit as long as sandy is on.

  32. Any changes your recommend for level 60? I assume you dump in cool but cyber limit is upped. Any cyber changes?

  33. I am just starting game for 1st time on very hard. Could you give perks/attribute order? Not sure if I should max out body first and then go to reflexes or should I go paralely with all?

  34. This build is soo much fun i made a couple additions one being the cellular armor and with the dlc i was able to also dump the rest of my points into cool so i can still use pistols and snipers efficiently getting a kill chain going with that cyber rage is soo fun

  35. Dude, awesome video! Hope you can do another one once you have access to all the legendary cyberwares from Dogtown.

  36. As a new player what tree and skills should I be going for first?

  37. As the dlc has been out for a while now, you gonna make an update to this now that things can be upgrade to tier ++

  38. This build is probably the best build in game…..

  39. I cant find legendary cyberware, what I need to do?

  40. You don't get crit chance from Cool you get crit damage. Reflexes gives crit chance. Also if you are just wasting the slot for hands with a tattoo why not remove that perk point that is wasted to give you the extra slot to something else? You only need to fill all available cyberware slots. It isn't available if you don't have that perk to make it available.

  41. Will you update this for the extra ATT and Perk points from Phantom Liberty?

  42. Could you please share reapers locations, where you can buy all these stuff?

  43. Is my game bugged? Because I’m level 50 and have all my attribute points in the correct slots. But the 56 perk points I have isn’t enough to fill out the skill tree that I’m following from your video. And I can’t equip all the cyber ware as well from the ripper doc. Says I don’t have enough and reached my limit

  44. Use it while you can because cd project red will probably Nerf it

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