BLG vs GEN - Game 4 | Semi Final LoL MSI 2024 Main Stage | Bilibili Gaming vs Gen.G G4 full game -

BLG vs GEN – Game 4 | Semi Final LoL MSI 2024 Main Stage | Bilibili Gaming vs Gen.G G4 full game

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upper final MSI 2024 GEN vs BLG G4 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational 2024 – Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming Game 4. MSI 2024 GEN vs BLG VOD.
League of Legends Season 14 Mid-Season Invitational in Chengdu, China.
Fourth game of the day – Bilibili Gaming vs Gen.G vs best of 5 Game 4. BLG vs GEN G4.

Bilibili Gaming Line-Up:
Bin – Top Ksante
Xun – Jungle Vi
Knight – Mid Vex
Elk – ADC Kalista
ON – Support Renata Glasc

Gen.G Line-up:
Kiin – top Twisted Fate
Canyon – jungle Maokai
Chovy – mid Corki
Peyz – bot Lucian
Lehends – support Nami

Patch: 14.8 – Season 14
Game date: 16.05.2024 | 05/16/2024 | May 16th 2024
Game place: Chengdu, China
Casters: Cronicler, VEdius and Drakos

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  1. Wait .. No more chinese for the finals? WINNIE THE POOH IS ANGRY ~ 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Is everyone here ok with the CCP having unfettered access to everything in their PC? 23% of tencents employees were directly employed by the CCP as of 2017 (check tencents wiki page), so i assume this number is now higher. And they now have access to screenshot ANYTHING at ANYTIME on your PC, this includes banking information. Does this not scare anyone else? Ive been playing since season one and quit cold turkey wih the rollout of vanguard. We have to let riot know that this is not okay.

  3. "X on ksante is so Y". Ye not that the champ is fundamentally broken.

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