Bel’Veth Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends -

Bel’Veth Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

League of Legends
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She is the end.

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“All That Will Ever Be” Cinematic

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“Pinwheel” Short Story


  1. This is the most broken hero in the game. I cannot remember when was the last time they made a ballanced hero.

  2. why doesnt she have a dremora limit like yorick

  3. I'm sorry but whoever designs these champions is lower than iron tier. Music, songs, and animation are top notch but balance team and character designers need to all get fired and someone else needs to work on this. lmfao.

  4. Cracked attack speed of Quin's old ult is given to her and she got better version of malzahar's void spawns….that double minions count is so cracked too!

  5. Literal anime basic attack animation

  6. i wonder how much braincells does it take to work for riot games

  7. I just played this matchup. I got fb level 1 and bought a longsword, went red to mid to pick up a kill, and then invaded her red level 2. She's supposed to be weak early, but I legit had to flash away because the fight was so close. But hey, I played Lee – the lowest winrate JG champ in the game atm.

  8. champion visual quality is getting worse with each release. her model is extremely basic and low res

  9. Her design is really good and amazing, but it just her auto-attacks that I don't like. Her auto-attacks are kind of lame to be honest. That slapping auto-attack is just…well…lame…

  10. Remember when each ability had….just one ability…..ah the good ol days….

  11. I dislike the champ visual design. Looks like a manta ray trying to mudamudamudamudamudamuda its way through fights.

  12. I like it, mostly. I think the dashes should be fixed to the cardinal directions, limiting mobility slightly more and granting more counterplay.
    I also don't think the true damage on autos should be there, but it does make for cool in-kit synergy.

  13. Permanent attack speed on passive?isn't that abit to op?

  14. The true damage isn't even what I'm scared of, I don't even play tanks… But my god she is going to swarm me with minions like I fighting Malzhar again

  15. Goodwork,you made people quit league and have a better life.

  16. "Bel Veth"
    Huh.. that's a funny way of saying "ban me in every game wtf is riot thinking if at all releasing something this absurdly broken" 😀


  18. If I was on the cinematic team I would cry seeing how the game designer made her to be

  19. I don’t like the thought of having such an unbeatable monster late game if the match made it to the late game stage. Her winrate is crazy high in low divisions already. Either win early or ff20 basically.

  20. Okay imo, League of Legends is certainly going downhill.

  21. So is k6 going to get TRue dmg? kinda unfair that every voidling has a true dmg except for him

  22. Bro is this a joke?? Ahaha next hero to bring better be superman

  23. Bel’Veth’s minions should’ve been the Zz Rot minions from back in the day. BRING US THE NOSTALGIA!

  24. Bel’Veth’s minions should’ve been the Zz Rot minions from back in the day. BRING US THE NOSTALGIA!

  25. I'm here cuz i have no idea what she does yet. Aram player forever

  26. Getting tired of all these Ults that heals and reset on kills.

  27. Fun fact: you don't need to overload a champ to not make it a stat-checker

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