Awful Melee DPS Tier List by Game Journalist (KEKW) | Xeno Reacts to FFXIV Endwalker DPS Rankings -

Awful Melee DPS Tier List by Game Journalist (KEKW) | Xeno Reacts to FFXIV Endwalker DPS Rankings

Xenosys Vex
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Same Game journalist, same Final Fantasy XIV tier list, same Xeno. In this video Xeno reads and reacts to the Melee DPS Rankings from the article published by Den of Geek titled: “Every Class Ranked Worst to Best”.

Den of Geek article:

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  1. Pre-ShB, SAM had a slashi. Resistance down it could apply. But since ShB got rid of resistances, it just has high damage lol. Still a good job, I love it.

  2. Monks do have a ton of dead skills you need to play them to understand that

  3. This list is what the dictionary references when you look up the phrase "word salad"

  4. Blue Mage is amazing solo or in groups. Best DPS class!

  5. even ignoring the tier list (which wow) this is awful writing…. academia would eat this up

  6. If 5% parties weren't a thing, reapers would be fucking everywhere lol. It really is a fatnastic DPS class

    I really do expect a nerf just because of how good it is, like there is literally no downside aside from the obvious squishy hp factor of DPS

    Also pretty awkward the reaper can on average out DPS a samurai unless those mfkers are on point with rotation and alignment

  7. SAM main here, and I'll tell you that Sprint is our best survival tool, which means we're great at solo. It's simple math.

  8. 99% of reapers I've seen do trash damage and only seem decent because they pot to make it look like they do damage. Reaper is a meme and I've seen much more bad reapers than decent ones.

    No offense to the reaper "mains" but alot of you are trash. Choose a different job

  9. They took away the heal skill from my boy SAM

  10. Well I see people talking about how bad ninja is, yeah it is , but the worst thing as a ninja main is i don't have fun with him anymore
    Reaper is annoying to play too , I don't feel rewarded when I play him even with his high damage , it feels slow and boring but really strong ( especially his insane mobility and he is really flexible )
    The only DPS i have fun now is Sam , the pace is good , you hit pretty hard and i love the change on him , it's really strong compare to ShB ( the change on meikyo shisui is awesome)

  11. I love MNK this expac. I think the only real "dead" abilities would be Anatman and to an extent, Six Sided Star. SSS isn't dead, it's just only used right before downtime. Anatman is basically dead but that's fine, Monk feels amazing this expansion, my only annoyance is you can't get Phantom Rush into your opener. These people are delusional.

  12. The virgin clean Dragoon vs the Chad homeless Monk.

  13. Monk is fun and has options. As far as skills it is overwhelming if you didnt play it last expac it has changed but i still do good damage

  14. Are dragoons really that bad? I don't feel like they are. I'm newer though.

  15. "Solo" isn't a thing in this game lol, this journalist has no idea what they're talking about.

  16. atleast Monk do (by far) more dps than it's caster counterpart: Summoner, which +/- always had about the same utility (and similar dps too)

  17. newest classes are always the "best" at the start of new expansions (but the list argues are off on a few other classes)

  18. true xD.. (boost jumped to endgame and is doing fates, side quests & old beast tribes??)

  19. ALOT of people don't know how to play their jobs. Lists are subjective to the creator

  20. These lists are just flat out uneducated and horrendous

  21. please keep destroying these nerds man,its so satisfying to finally see someone who knows whats up, call out all these biased "journalists" on the internet xD

  22. I can already tell the list is bad when my Bard Main is not on the bottom of ranged dps.

  23. Monk has 1.5 dead skills: Anatanama and Six-sided star(.5)

  24. Whoever made this review, basically stumbled upon ffxiv by mistake. He’s the type of person to get on stage and ask where he’s at.😂

  25. Cant tell if the creator of the list is either trolling or has honestly never played past lvl 10 o.O

  26. This Journos reasoning and rankings make me wish for the Final Days

  27. I swapped off NIN this expac, its so shit feeling now. BLM supremacy now, never again will I not play Yoship's class.

  28. I was a nin main from ARR till Stormblood…but with Shadowbringers they broke the job completly adding unnesesery bagage, waving mudras takes waaaay too much time compared to the dmg they do with it..and sligt error on mudra gives bunny (this should never exist in the first place). They could get rid of those mudras and give skills Raiton/katon/suiton as 1button skill while adding waving animation, no error, constant dmg…I did not level it to 90yet but I hear that the new raiton gap-closer is totaly useless just for show…why not add for ninja elemental argumentation to their set.. like you add fire/water/ice/earth/lighting elements to attack to give specific results (be it slow/heavy/bleeding/frostbite/stun). Now I like to play reaper a lot as a melee, its quite simple, has nice tools and nice dmg aand it looks cool while enshrouded.

  29. Now come on no need to be so toxic and bash every single line in the article, it does have some points that are true.

  30. Gaming journalist being a gaming journalist. This goon just calls a class that doesn't have party buffing abilities "greedy". Also, wtf is this "clean" jargon? And why would the journalist echo it, I doubt they know wtf it means too.

  31. As a ninja main… Damage? :modCheck: Complicated kit, rewarding? What? The world is indeed just suffering…

  32. I don't even understand the point of these articles outside of clickbait lol. They are so vague in their descriptions of the individual jobs it's hard to grasp who these write ups are for. Vets laugh at the simplistic and often wrong understanding of the jobs. Similarly, new players get nothing of value because the breakdowns are so empty.

    This man used the words "weird" and "simple" to describe samurai and I can't stop laughing.

  33. But in FF logs fourth best DPS of all time in level 90 content is ninja, how its damage sucks… I mean, Logs gives falce information anyway. Solo DPS jobs will be on top forever there because in it's best math method it may add to your DPS the party makes because of your buff, but it will not take it away from their DPS.

    I personally don't mind people using the logs to improve their own performence, it does great job for that purpose. But its strange for me to use it as tool to compare the DPS of different jobs, because when the DPS have so small difference and add up the inaccuracy of the metrics there, it just can't do the job to tell you what is best. And of course it defenetely helps to understand where your astro buffs or dance partner buff should go.

  34. He says 'i am not a ninja main " and still talk shit about it,how can u talk without trying?

  35. Would love to see the rubric they used for these lists.

  36. I've never heard anyone call Dragoon "clean". And I've been playing since ARR launched

  37. Been playing ninja since 2.0 and it pains me that after all these years I have to let it go it's never been this bad before

  38. Monk can beast damage all day
    I main monk and pomp out DPS damage with 5 rotations
    Monk , black mage, and worriers are broken in the best way possible

  39. Here's an objective tier list (that's probably outdated), in terms of average rDPS and aDPS:

    [Overall Rank] — rDPS rank/aDPS rank — Job Name

    [01] – 2/2 —- Black Mage

    [02] – 3/1 —- Samurai

    [03] – 1/5 —- Ninja

    [04] – 4/3 —- Summoner

    [05] – 5/4 —- Dragoon

    [06] – 6/6 —- Monk

    [07] – 7/7 —- Red Mage

    [08] – 8/10 — Dancer

    [09] – 9/9 —- Bard

    [10] – 10/8 — Machinist

    I used this as a new player to sort my party list from best to worst (so I knew who to dance with as a dancer). Got the data from FFLogs, and then sorted them based on their average rank relevant to the other placements (rDPS was used to break ties. The top 2 and bottom 3 were tied on averages, so rDPS was favored). Everything that's not on the list, I just put above dancer, because I couldn't find any data for them. Keep in mind, i'm 1 week new to the game (I just like spreadsheets.. im the spreadsheet guy you find in most MMOs).

  40. Ninja's biggest issue is it's still held back by TA

  41. So many bad takes from Vex here. He accuses the article's author of essentially not playing the game and only engaging in one aspect of the game, while Vex shows he can't look at the classes outside of his own little narrow vision.

  42. Because DRG owns a house, he can always access a shower. This is the reason why dragoon is considered being cleaner than monk.

  43. Lmao… that article is trash 🗑 and your breakdown of it was spot on. Going back to my homelessness now.

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