ALWAYS TRY TO WIN! VEX! - Placement Game 3 - Climb to Master | League of Legends -

ALWAYS TRY TO WIN! VEX! – Placement Game 3 – Climb to Master | League of Legends

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Welcome to placement game 3 of Season 2022. We’re playing another game of Vex and things get a bit stressful… Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vex Mid Gameplay.

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ALWAYS TRY TO WIN! VEX! – Climb to Master | League of Legends


  1. The game is highly rigged, rank system, matchmaking and in-game mechanics are totally manipulated to make you play and buy as much as possible

  2. Who needs sleep when you can watch huzzy all night

  3. More Vex means more learning content for me <3

  4. The only reason I think wind wall isn’t the strongest non ultimate ability in the game is cuz against a good chunk of champs it does literally zero

  5. For me, I sometimes wanted to try playing jungle that way I can do the camping, instead of getting camped.

  6. Vid 285 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  7. I do not know about everyone but I think bad games are still fun to watch. I just love watching you no matter if you win or lose. Keep making videos and I will be here to watch them.

  8. that is absoluty amazing that vex is able to be hard countered by fiddle

  9. Sorry to hear that your so stressed right now (even though this wasn’t live)! I can’t wait to see the rest of the games!

  10. huzzy relax, you'll still be around where you were once you finish them <3

  11. Damn these camping games are absolutely horrific for the mental. I was getting stressed and it wasn't even myself on the keyboard.

  12. Dont pressure urself to hard.
    Have fun
    Stress is bad for ur heath.

  13. I enjoyed the stress levels – and it will get better!

  14. i have tried to play all the lanes like u huzzy with jungle being my weakest ….. but i am so fed up of thick jungles i have had to take my 2 strongest jungles in the jungle and am doing well u can do this as u are better than me :)) chin up huzzy by the way i watched few of the others on your stream …….. u and bizzlebery are my favs :))))

  15. Remember what you said during your first game: placements are nice, but you've got all year to get up to your rating. I hope you're able to relax and enjoy your next games more!

  16. When the 1/5 yas with boots deletes the 5/3 vex with ludens…
    Huzzy : vex is op
    Assassins and slayers : hold my beer

  17. Ps huzzy don't worry about being a bit salty, you are never toxic in game. You are always nice and Britishly charming. Seeing you get a bit pissed makes you look more relatable actually because God knows we understand you

  18. 10 minutes into the game: Lux is not the carry. 25 minutes into the game: Lux is the carry this game.

  19. Hope your feeling better Huzzy! Take care man 💪

  20. Fiddle is litterally unfun when it comes to these scenerios. He litterally threw himself at you at every opportunity. Which was what actually lost them the game in the end.

  21. Can’t wait to see the climb and watch you kick some ass

  22. Farms like a bronze, wastes his fear on minions, doesnt respect Yasuos full passive, doesnt dodge any of Yasuos skillshots, an dies – "Its such a stupid braindead champion"

  23. what program is tht to check team mates
    than kyou for the video also. good luck in your promos

  24. 11:38 As a Lux main, I despise wind wall, it essentially denies 3/4 of my kit with one button

  25. That was a very interesting and stressful game to watch, good luck in the next games

  26. I get the same stress when I play ranked especially placements/promos, gj on trying your best and closing out the game Huzz

  27. I mean. It was unlucky, and you got ganked quite a few times. But you did not respect that Fiddle at all. There was no vision around the fights, and you pushed up too far.
    Still, you managed to pull through, and got the win!

  28. 10:00 Yasuo windwall was up for 0,2 sec still right when you ulted after fiddle. it was hard to see with that skin and fiddle ult

  29. This xayah is so bad. They are kinda splitting the build. You don't go for attack speed boots when going aery lethality, since the build is literally all about your ult and q getting feathers every fight then pulling them with e. Essentially the build is just watered down lethality mf or watered down lethality varus. Which with the two q buffs that made it viable being fully reverted and lethality mythical for adcs being nerfed, there's no point doing the build anymore

  30. thats why i dont play ranked for now. way too unbalanced for now.

  31. Vexs small feet are so cute when she walks. <3

  32. Good luck climbing this season. Seems like a lot of junglers like to camp these days. Was the fiddle duo with the Yasuo?

  33. If you dont like junglers attention, stop being strong 😜

  34. Dont worry, feel you. Just got over the worst placements ever… keep it up mate!

  35. I have a feeling this is going to be a really good series

  36. I had fun watching this game. Felt the stress myself, and the frustration of the Fiddle ultis. In the end good game to watch and a nice win. GG

  37. As you say, if you get stressed playing the game then it’s good to take a break. Being tilted and stressed is part of the game, unfortunately. Hopefully you did take a break, get some rest, recharge, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of your placements go (even though I’m a few days behind lol)! You got this, Huzz!

  38. I will say that the death of the Vi in the jungle early was a bit of a misplay by you. If you see Fiddle bot and see the Vi counter jungle (which is good), you should aim cover. He saw her enter and then he disappeared – he was 100% going to fight off the Vi in the jungle and that whole fight could have been avoided with a bit of cover early. That is my opinion.

  39. I disagree about that xayah build. I find it hits nice and hard just takes a little longer to scale than an atk speed xayah build. Had one of my hardest carry using that build.

  40. Bro you need to stop egoing so hard, maybe find a challenger coach to help you. Every game you're just acting like you're the only person who ever gets bad teammates in the game. You misplayed after you got your first kill and got heavily punished.

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