Ace 229V | VEX Robotics | Over Under Early Season Reveal -

Ace 229V | VEX Robotics | Over Under Early Season Reveal

Ace Robotics
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Our first bot of the 2023-2024 season ready for mall!

VRC Over Under Reveal

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  1. We also using this meta design 😈

  2. and here's the meta ladies and gentlemen

  3. W robot 🔥🔥 Already looks crazy good

  4. looks great but what's has it got for the climbing?

  5. wow this is insane early season, 229V rocks 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Glad to see other teams doing this. First saw this on 62A a while ago. Great job, Great video.

  7. how does your cata function does it use a ratchet

  8. This build is actually insane for so early in the season. Can’t wait to compete with/against you guys at MOA


  9. What’s the purpose of the pneumatic intake? Is it just to make a flat surface for the wings?

    Btw, congrats on winning excellence at MOA

  10. is that a 2 driveshaft cata or a 3 driveshaft cata?

  11. Hi! You guys have a really nice robot. I was wondering how you guys made the catapult have both a high and low arc.

  12. This bot is insane! Nice job!

    Do you guys use 2 pneumatic pistons for the wings (one for each side) or just 1? Also, do you use pneumatics for the extension arm in the endgame? (I’m new to using pneumatics lol)

  13. nice robot man, what wheels do you use and how many?

  14. Very impressive cata! Whats the wattage on it?

  15. how many rubber bands are you using for the cata. 2 or 4?

  16. Very impressive robot. I was just wondering what the gear ratio on the Cata was?

  17. does the piston for the wings move when activated? Excellent robot!

  18. Great bot, did you use pneumatics to expand and contract the intake part?

  19. This is the most beautiful robot I have ever seen in my life

  20. This is an amazing pre season build. This is our first year doing vrc and I was wondering how you guys did the catapult system. What did yall use to pull the catapult down and release it so quickly?

  21. Wait so when you like expand to the sides to puch a lot in, isnt that a violation?

  22. Hey, new to vrc this year, what did you guys use as a catapult stopper?

  23. Catapult explanation pls
    Great robot🔥🔥🔥

  24. How many rubber bands did you use for the catapult? Trying to test perfect amount of them and running into problems. 1 on each side will snap slowly, and if I put too many the triball goes flying.

  25. Whats the motor distribution? (drive/intake/cata) And also, do y'all use PTO?

  26. hi,how do you guys got the 400rpm on the drivetrain? like 74÷78*200rpm=300rpm

  27. Please ace I pray that you will make an explanation video

  28. How do you get the different arcs on the slapper

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