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A very intense game of VEX SUPPORT – (League of Legends)

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  1. I hope it wasnt just me who saw that Vex was going to have a crush on Viego. I wasn’t the ONLY one? Right … guys hehe?

  2. Yooo! I m an adc main, do you think i could play vex in bot?

  3. That triple kill at 10 gave me my first real smile after a rough day. Thanks for being the GSA, with that global ult of joy!🦸

  4. Does this mean there’s going to be a five man fear team soon? (Just in time for spooky season might I add)

  5. I love your energy when playing Vex! Thanks for this awesome game ^^

  6. I feel like her ult doesnt fit her kit she feels like a control mage and her ult is a deep dive one idk.

  7. When do you think the nerfs will come so you can spam her in solo? She’s perma banned right now because she’s busted. Hence why you are playing blind

  8. You had a troll pick jungle and a caster minion for mid lane but it still took them over 40 minutes to close the game out.

  9. ioki, we really gotta talk about this monitor of yours, it loses image far too often.

  10. The Brand was so bad and kept surrendering like a noob

  11. The Sound is surprisingly good using a Hitachi magicwand!XD

  12. A Brand getting out damaged is always so sad, bro that entire champion's identity is, you press one button and you can hit 2-3 people, how do you get out damaged as Brand?

  13. Is your adc a duo? Cuz i see u get kills in alot of your games and rarely I see them ping or flame you xD

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