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4 Tips To IMPROVE Your CS and Farm Like The Pros – League of Legends

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  1. Zed one tricks like me watching this be like:
    This is worthless!

  2. Just pick Yorick, I guarantee you will finish every game with the highest cs. Rise a few ghouls in a lane and leave them, do the same in another lane, teamfight. In the end of the teamfight you will have 40 cs more atleast. Even if your team fails teamfight you will still get enough money to buy items.

  3. I got pretty high ms so before farming get yourself a good internet 🙁

  4. I'm getting ready to start playing League but I have played since 2015. These ProGuide videos have been my study guide before I get bsck into the game.

  5. My guy killing it with awesome guides like this one!

  6. What to do if opponent keeps harrasting you while you are farming and constantly get your hp low

  7. from iron to gold you cant farm properly because they kleep atatcking you not knowing what they are doing wasting mana chasing all the time for nothing and i fucking hate this.am iron myself iw ill admitt am trying to farm good but i just cant because they allays playa gressive not even knowing what they are doing after an while i need to go back because am low hp

  8. Im jg main and i have usually like 7-8 cs per min. and im Silver IV. And i never learnt anything I just farm man

  9. The hushed car inadvertently wait because harbor connoly greet with a bloody drink. slippery, disagreeable curler

  10. Me: *trying to freeze lane
    Karma,seraphine,brand : allow us to introduce ourselves.

  11. this is by far the hardest part of this game for me. Been playing for yearrrsss, never got better at it. I understand all the stuff in the vid really thoroughly and have put houuuuurs of practice trying to apply it and get better to no avail. So frustrating. I understand all the champs, runes, have a couple of m7s and still am so bad at cs 😫

  12. Holy shit he sounds like the ezreal voice actor

  13. I think an important tip that was missed in this video is that when you're trying to last hit minions something that's also very useful is to watch what all is incoming to strike the minion cuz in a lot of situations you'll have like a minion that was just killed that all of the enemies were focusing on and then forecast them in your three melee and one siege minion will all bomb them at once and you'll have to figure out a way to get like your last hit somewhere in between there so a lot of people should also keep that in mind as well

  14. becouse i always play sup 😀 idk how to farm very well wehn i go mid XDD

  15. funny, the voice actor for ezreal is also named dan…

  16. fuckkk that total of every wave gold is 125 its actually 105 wtf

  17. There is not a possible way for me to stop sucking at csing

  18. Tip from me: turn off the auto attack, it really helps

  19. When practicing in custom games, should you avoid using abilities and just practice CSing with auto attacks?

  20. Wonder what the event was where the cannon minions were literally racecar drivers

  21. About the practicing part, how long would you recommend us to practice at each level?

  22. when i try to take a cs i get engaged on. should i leave a canon for getting peeled ?

  23. Recall timings and state of lane when u hit that recall button is a factor you perhaps should mention as relevant. ^^

  24. Me while watching the video : this guy sounds like ezreal lol
    Me reading the comment : oh shit this guy is ezreal

  25. Hmm I'll pick Kathus and farm without skills :)))

  26. Pro players always do that. me watching this having 25 cs in 25m round xD

  27. 1:56
    Okay so most adcs are ap champion boys!! (For example kog, who needs db, cull, long sword to "last hit like an ad champion") just like all ap with on hit effects are ad champions, such as teemo
    3. Auto pre tower range and then after 1 tower shot? Like the grande in that case guarantees you too miss the 2nd melee
    And no mention on how the tower aggro works?????????? Hello???? Freezing is a bit more important but that's still how you go from missing 0-40+ cs/game to 0-5/game (specifically under tower, due to the targeting). Most of the cases if we are to assume that it's not a moron behind the wheel it's going to be around 0-2/game under tower instead of 3-10, match up has great impact since it requires bigger waves to crash under tower for it to not be a 50/50 on which caster is 2nd target similarly it's easier to judge distances between 3 compared to 10 units (assuming they're not in order or some other special obvious cases)

  28. In #4 …what does “invade his rates” mean? Can somebody make videos for new people in layman’s? I have to google and watch other videos for 30 min just trying to figure out what this guy is talking about.

  29. this is why i like smite more last hit is lame

  30. Im so suks at farming, i mine i get kills so will and do the farming so good but only for 15min then i cant fucos on farming and dont know what to do

  31. Hey! Is anything from your website for free? 😅

  32. How long does it take to get better? I've been doing the level 1 training for over an hour and I can't even break 20 cs at 10. This honestly feels impossible.

  33. Doesn't teach anything useful in this video. Just an ad for a paid service

  34. I was watching this video while playing league of legends, i had 41cs in 12 mins.

  35. I feel like it's important to mention that before your first damage item as an adc.

    You will AA a caster. Tower will shoot then you AA again to finish it off.

  36. As non pro carry players, you want to average 70-75 cs in 10 mins and for pros, they average almost 10 cs/minute.

  37. i went from 6 cs/m to 8 cs/m just from that tip about farming under turret. im in bronze so i destroy everyone with nasus.

  38. mmm yes tell me i must watch every minute of the video and then immediately follow with an ad.

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