3 Riftwalker 3 Stars - AP or AD? Why Not Both!! | TFT Glitched Out | Teamfight Tactics - oramagamestudios.com

3 Riftwalker 3 Stars – AP or AD? Why Not Both!! | TFT Glitched Out | Teamfight Tactics

Mortdog – TFT
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Originally Aired: Patch 13.6 PBE – March 19th, 2023


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  1. Taking LB hero augment, still decided to play vex carry with admin, and he is saying that the Fiora needs a nerf, but hever says anything bout vex

  2. Riftmaker is so broken this szn. I see lvl 2 Riftmaker comps destroying comps that should be much better. So broken rn.

  3. I played an exact game like that , with jhin 3 w items and vex 3 with items it was funn

  4. Riftwalker is my favorite trait I seem to find those units throught my whole game even tho I'm trying to run a different team comp 😅 heck I an 7 renegade join carry and 4 hacker pyke carry and won

  5. Nice game but a but clickbait since pyke not 3starred

  6. Compared to other 4 cost carries Jhin really feels lacking, from an enjoyment factor.
    I mean MF has that massive ult that just shreds people. Jhin doesn't have this big satisfying moment.
    It's just aa, aa ,aa, big aa. I don't say he is bad, just boring imo.

  7. Clickbait title. No 3 star pyke as title suggests.

  8. Nerf WW my 3 star vex and 2 star jhin with great items and zekes from an ally only got me third… against 2 warwick players. Only 2 stared. A third person went ww and got 5th. 1.5 k dmg and 40 omni vamp makes no sense.

  9. "What would you like to say to all your Youtube viewers?"
    "I love them all"

    instantly likes the video

  10. I love going on the tft subreddit and seeing everyone SHIT on mortdog, then coming here and seeing everyone in the comments LOVE him. Mort, can you PLEASE nerf ww? It's not fun having him kill your backline for free every single game because you can't position against him. Thanks!

  11. I feel like the fact that Jhin's 4th shot can literally just miss is a problem. He's a premier 4 cost carry with a renegade trait specifically designed for him to be the last one alive. If his ability can just miss everyone in range because they're moving up the board, all that damage means nothing, even at 3 star. Case in point, look at Jhin 2 vs Jhin 3 damage. Virtually no difference.

  12. what board is mortdog using? is this the reward for battle pass?

  13. Yo Mort what arena are you using I need it in my life lol and a vex chibi

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