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26 Year Old Sealed Game Unboxing | Mega Duck – Vex

The Retro Future
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Oh my goodness…

1992 Mega Duck game unboxing! I hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Your “piece of paper” is dutch in deed

  2. I bought a sealed copy of Jurrasic Park at Salvation Army for $1!

  3. The slip on the back is a voucher for a free badge.

  4. Now backlight and bivert a Mega duck … that'll really set off your anxiety!

  5. If you wish you can send me a scan of the french instructions booklet to have it translated…

  6. First rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club.

  7. hi i will refurb a gameboy pocket where i have to change the shell. I'm trying to find one with DMG style but I find none. Can you help me? It can not be from UK or US because it will be too expensive to import plus VAT plus customs if you understand. Thx😊

  8. yeps dutch booklet netherlands. And in the netherlands u had megaduck and cougar boy both names

  9. I also have a couple of sealed games (not for megaduck) that i will open some day. It is like opening an old wine bottle :D. Kudos to the ancient megaduck quality!!

  10. Hey to your booklet (or how ever it is spelled): its not german i am from Germany!
    Grüße bin ein großer Fan 😇

  11. Looks half-way o.k. in some small part

  12. Can confirm that the booklet is indeed from the netherlands

  13. 1st, junior school 2nd high school,  then college, uni, many different jobs. now I am 34, and all the time VEX was sealed …until now! ….exciting stuff!!

  14. Videogames are ment to be opened and played, 0 regrets!

  15. One like = 1 cry for this sealed mega duck game

  16. When your quality level is so high it wraps around into the negative

  17. As a general rule I say that games should be opened and played, but in this case it should be burned. We don't need more than one of each game for postarity and we don't want anyone to accidentaly find this and play it. What if you have a child, and that child finds this game in your collection and plays it? Wouldn't you feel guilty? Anyway, great video let's do it again some day

  18. Nah, you did it on camera, it's been recorded so the whole world can see it, totally worth it.

  19. It looks exactly like a Gameboy so I'm guessing some company saw the success of the Gameboy and tried making something like it

  20. I completely agree with the decision to open this.

  21. What happened to the back of your hand?

  22. Aww man, I'm surprised it worked !!!!

  23. even though it might not be worth much, WHY open it up ??? 🙁 idiot, it might be worth something someday. just find an unsealed version

  24. Oh my god – he is opening a cardboard box. YOU GUYS SHOULD GET YOURSELF A LIFE!

  25. Opening that was totally worth it. I wish you had cracked open that plastic instead of neatly cutting it with you knife. It was cracked already, just had to go on full rage mode xD

  26. Like opening an old Egyption tomb, how old was that game?

  27. Did you seriously just make a just over 10 minute long video with emojis in he title?

  28. I'm guessing you got this from the same ebayer as I got my Magic Maze. I'm only 3 games short of a complete set now so I guess I'll keep mine sealed despite it going against the grain of my nature that games are for playing. in the hope I'll get a loose Magic Maze to play at some point. on another note, if you happen to find any Gamate games in this type of condition as I recently did, you'll be pleased to know that the plastic coating pops open and isn't sealed meaning you can keep the packaging unmolested and still explore the contents.

  29. But… is that a french box? me dit pas que mon pays a crée une copie de la game boy!?

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