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Ace Robotics
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Our best driver and programming skills at the Mall of America Signature event!

Driver: 163
Programming: 163
Total: 326

1st In the World

#vexrobotics #vrc #overunder


  1. Reminds me of the NBN years. The loading teamwork is clean

  2. Hi what type of gloves you are using ? Where can we buy for our team? 👍

  3. beautiful prog will, well done guys, make florida proud <3

  4. Same driving and prog score? Bonkers robot with insane matchloading!

  5. Good job guys. Glad y'all are doing so good! 🎉

  6. You guys killed it at MOA and were a lot of fun to watch. Congrats on the worlds qualification


  7. cool, thought ya'll were gonna win mall with iron eagles, unfortunate that they got stuck

  8. Is this programmed using a template? If so, what template? Great job though

  9. literally 515r successor team (we don’t talk abt qf 1-1)

  10. you guys are actually insane 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Congrats on the worlds qual! Insane skills

  12. prog same as driver is absolutely nuts🔥🔥🔥

  13. Next MOA there's gonna be a nerf Ace chant 😳

    Nicely done

  14. Great robot, congratulations on being first in the world and qualifying for worlds!!

  15. One of the best (if not the best) teams that has come out of Florida! Keep up the excellent work, I cannot wait to watch y’all win worlds!

  16. Thats crazy!! Good job on the worlds qual. I was just hoping you could tell me what material you guys used for the skirts.

  17. At the start of your skills run how were you able to start with the red triball against the blue goal?

  18. How do yall do the programming? Like, do yall have tracking wheels for position measurement or is it all dumb motion?

  19. are you allowed to have your intake extended as well as your wings out according to the horzintal expanssion limit rule?

  20. I have a feeling that the new vex fashion trend will be grippy gloves for a while…

  21. This is absolutely insane, great robot and defo gonna score high in the worlds!

  22. I'd love to compete with you guys some time, maybe at nationals or maybe even worlds!

  23. insane. Will your new 358 point run be posted?

  24. What is the part you use for the wings? It looks like plastic but I don't really see which part it is on the VEX website.

  25. what algorithm did you use for the programming section, pure pursuit, or another one, because that worked really well. Great job!!

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