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20 Mechanical Principles combined in a Useless Lego Machine

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Useless machine that utilizes different mechanical principles. Enjoy!

00:00 Schmidt coupling
00:17 Constant-velocity joint (CV joint)
00:30 Universal joint
00:42 Bevel gears
00:53 Slider-crank linkage
01:08 Sun and planet gear
01:25 Scotch Yoke
01:40 Chebyshev Lambda Linkage
01:58 Chain drive
02:13 Belt drive
02:32 Constant-mesh gearbox
02:50 Oscillating direction changer
03:06 Torque limiter (Lego clutch)
03:19 Winch
03:34 Rack and pinion
03:47 Offset gears
04:00 Uni-directional drive
04:22 Camshaft
04:38 Intermittent mechanism
04:52 Worm gear

Thanks to redshoebox, Lego Technic Mastery, 2in1 Bricking and Sariel. Many of these builds are inspired by (shamelessly copied from) their work.


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Anders Enger Jensen


  1. Those first 3 examples have satisfied me so much. Simply amazing ❤️

  2. I went inside a T-34 once and this is what I saw

  3. Ok but what the heck is powering everything in motion i see no wires or motors so im confused

  4. How much damage can a lego piece deal to a lego character (forgot the name)

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  6. a couple of these i would not render useless…

  7. Где купить такой конструктор?

  8. After all those cool gears, what impressed me last was the battery that lasts lasts long

  9. Omg the cv joint ,🤯🤯🤯🤯 I've never seen this

  10. I have a request/suggestion: make a working clock from Legos. No gears should be seen from the front of the clock, it should look like a regular clock and it should look homogeneous (front side should be made with smooth Lego pieces all of which are same color

  11. Колоссальная работа.

  12. Супер секс машина

  13. ,очень интересно особенно еслиб это на школьном уроке показали и объяснили.

  14. Что это за набор? Название?

  15. สุภชัย ฉัตรโรจน์วณิช says:


  16. The mechanics of any object in a steampunk setting

  17. секс машину строишь чтоли?)))

  18. ✿ 𝓗𝓐𝓥𝓔 𝓕𝓤𝓝 ✿ says:

    Please I need this lego how can I get it ?

  19. Wow ! Je regarde avec mes yeux d'enfant. Que j'aurais aimer avoir tout ça lorsque que j'étais petit.

  20. LOL, cool, saw i principe i use know for small rowing RC-boat, wonderful !!! "Chebyshev-Lamda-Linkage"

  21. This is absolutely amazing, it has taught me lots of things, plus it teaches me how to improvise when i dont have the same materials for the mechanics😃

  22. Now I have a machine to epically flip my light switch

  23. 한 남자가 심장마비로 쓰러지면 이걸 보여줘라
    쓸데없이 낭만있는 기계는 남자의 심장을 다시 뛰게한다…

  24. Thank you Chris. I really appreciate it and that was exactly what I was trying to do. No fuss and helping people get on with what they need

  25. Just imagine if we as an engineer rich society started to create new plans based off of properly drafted and scaled Lego designs like this and apply them to mechanical every day purpose

  26. i love Avery think you make it man 👏👏

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