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110 points – VEX IQ Slapshot Robot by Ben Lipper

Ben Lipper
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This is a fantastic VEX IQ Slapshot Robot built for the 2022-23 game by Ben Lipper and Joseph Lipper

With its utility arm on the front and disk grabber on the back, it is able to get a high score of 110 points in just 1 minute!


  1. how old r u 37? and r u living in ur moms basement???

  2. You might want to rename the name of the competition to Slapshot 😉

  3. I think this is cool robot, but maybe you shouldn't send people images as then it's very easy to copy, we saw this with pitching in. Just a suggestion!

  4. share music with kids 和小朋友们分享音乐 says:

    Speed, so quickly build a new robot, I just know 2023 new Vex iq last week 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏

  5. great job ben your a great guy love your content

  6. Ben, you are amazing👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Great job Ben. Love your content keep it coming

  8. Cool robot, Ben. Do you think shooting the disks over the bar would work?

  9. I like that you are showing your ideas but please don’t show how to build because everyone will just copy it and it will be all the same robot and the original designs don’t have a chance.

  10. For the first few people to see this video, thanks for catching my mistake in the video title!
    (My mind was still in Pitching In, and announced by newest "Pitching In robot" 🙂

  11. You’re amazing as always! Can’t wait to show the team.

  12. In my opinion, a better strat would be to always push the disks from the middle tile. that way, there would be a chance for some disks to go into the higher point zones. just my opinion tho

  13. I can't find the feuld instructions in the box anyone have a link to them?

  14. Do you plan on making one that shoots or hits the pucks across the board?

  15. yo u got any thought on auto for this challenge with the positioning of the disks after they are released virtually never being in the same spot twice???
    i mean about the consistency…

  16. By doing this you realize that your ruining the sport. You are taking away the work that kids should put into robotics. There is never any unique designs because your sending kids images and instructions to your robots. The kids need to put the work into it. Robotics is about coming up with your own design for the season and driving/programming it. You’re ruining robotics.

  17. Did you copy someone and take there footage or did they Joseph 9 has exact vid

  18. ben lipper, my vex iq teacher, i please ask you for tutorials to this video, thank you mr. lipper, very kind 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. It would be great if you could not provide extremely close up pictures to the point that every single bot in competition is just your bot it would be more fun. We had this with pitching in, every single bot was spitfire or fling.

  20. I got chosen for this years competition, and I have learned a lot from it.
    I reccomend using a pucher to shoot the discs, still good, but can be improved a lot.

  21. Hello, great! I am trying to do the challenge in Colombia, I would like to know if you can help me with information for the design of the robot, I would greatly appreciate it

  22. Hi I’m a Elementary school robotics team member from Oklahoma. Can you send me some pictures of your robot from the bottom, and maybe some other angles that you can’t see in the video🙃.

  23. The purple dispensers was the easiest

  24. question… is the arm when fully extended 15 inches? From my understanding , according to the rules the dimensions of the robot have to be 11 x 19 x 15, which means at inspections (at the beginning of the tournament) the arm cannot extend past 15 inches. Am I understanding that correctly?

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