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Destiny’s unused content. Areas or secrets that were never used, but can be found in game! From the infamous Galaxy Pools to the Splicership Ketch today we have some pretty cool stuff to show you.



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“Destiny 2 Secret Areas”
“Destiny 2 Unused Secrets”
“Destiny 2 10 Unused Secrets and Cut Content”
“Destiny 2 Secrets”

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  1. My theory for the galaxy pools is that its a cut area from the vanilla red war campaign. Im guessing that we would have had a visit with the nine/emissary either during or after the campaign when visiting the shard of the traveler. The way you enter the galaxy pools involves entering a funnel that pulls you up into the traveler and its in the same area as the shard we got our subsequent powers from. The angle of the funnel suggests we would have been pulled up from that spot and then towards the large traveler shard to then meet with the nine/emissary.

  2. I was there for the end of season of arrivals… except I literally got error coded the second before the cutscene

  3. I’d love to explore more of the last city even a Netflix series about destiny the people of the last city guardians first being rezzed finding out about there past’s

  4. I wonder if the Seraph Chairs are arranged functionally similar to the "choir/conductor" layout used by Maya. Was Rasputen (or more likely Clovis) following in the footsteps of Maya via her memories inside Lakshmi-2? He could have been the one to find Lakshmi, download her memories/data, and reset her. Then, she slowly started remembering things from before the reset and it drove her to use the machine to see the future. Since she is an amalgam of exos funneled into one, it would explain why she could handle it when nobody else could.

  5. One location they absolutely wasted is the dreaming city

  6. Hangman’s pass was once also accessible via the Lake Of Shadows Strike before they revamped it. I visited It occasionally

  7. destiny 3 being able to explore the whole last city that I would love to be about the next game hearing about the people there culture and adventures in the city that I would love to see!!!!!!!

  8. Another feature I would love for destiny 3 being able to customize your ghost personality like there voice

  9. Cool, vid. I wonder if there are any places guardians haven’t discovered?

  10. There was a huge Vex structure in the sky in Cadmus Ridge on Europa when that first released that I saw and got on once that was never used or saw again. I think it was like two pluses put together. Anyone remember that?

  11. More live world events! when the traveler healed or The Almighty blew up were such memorable moments. Please Bungo!

  12. Two places that weren’t mentioned, that I often wonder about:

    the pyramid obstacle course within the haunted forest. It was a completed vex pyramid that you had to navigate a upward maze that had obstacles that could knock you off. On top was a lone sentry. It was pretty completed.

    And two, the actual dreaming city bridge. You can get to it from the actual dreaming city by getting out of bounds. There was footage of a guardian running across it and 3 guardians riding sparrows. It seemed like there was a plan for guardians to access the last wish location after the raid, but it never happened

  13. There’s also another area in the dreaming city where you fall down by a bridge and there’s an open area where above it’s light and down there it’s a dark area. It’s kind of cool.

  14. The Rasputin room reminds me of the veil containment room.. similar functions maybe but clovis didn't have the veil.

  15. Probably just a bunch of awesome content some of the devs wanted to make before they were told not to over-deliver

  16. I appreciate the froggy love hes one of my fav d2 creators

  17. What if the traveler betrays the guardian and we find strength in the darkness as a final stretch to beat the witness as Ikora uses a ship to enter the portal and brings cayde back with her with new info on the witness

  18. The Lost Sector Minotaur became the Vex thing on Neomuna. The Seven Seraph chair set up became the conductor and the orchestra on Neomuna

  19. Wasn't the iron forest area apart of the forges?

  20. The room under rasputin looks like what is described in veil containment…the chairs and the center seat

  21. I joined the first day of beyond light and I’m so sad I didn’t get to go to the city to see the traveller 😭

  22. It really sucks that they never used the Last City as a hub. What a waste

  23. So i think i figured out destinys final shape. Its all a game. Our reality is the reality created and the universe destiny exists in is the game which makes it real but also not. Like the game exists so the traveler, the witness and the guardian all exist but its just a game and the witness didnt see that coming. A creation within the creation so he cannot really hurt us and bring the end culling humans. Its kinda weird to explain. So in the end the witness' final shape that is inevitable will be but only within the confines of that universe which is a game to us. Kinda nuts right.

  24. Another unused area would be the weird tower with a turret at the to in the haunted forest. This was weird as you has limited time to sword fly to it at the end of haunted forest. It also had walls that would try to push you off.

  25. Pretty sure that’s my ascendant plane. I wondered where it got to! Not the Guardians, just mine.

  26. The galaxy pools are definitely gonna come up in the final shape I feel like

  27. Make a video about cut features, like how the developers at e3 2013 were like “everything you see is playable space”


    Wish IO had more stuff

  29. Awesome video! Great seeing my clip being useful lol. Crazy seeing the old Rasputin secret area. Really wish we got more of Rasputin in game

  30. 6:27 I bet the chairs were a nod towards neomuna and how the people unloaded their consciousness through them too.

  31. That galaxy pools look so much like a serious sam area I love it

  32. Theres another secret in opening cutscene of Season of The Lost. In that Cutscene you can see little pyramids in Dreaming City. But it never happened.

  33. Bungie should showcase and talk about cut content when Final Shape finishes so we’d know what we could of gotten instead of what we got.

  34. We did use the Dark forest last year (Void 3.0)

  35. Please tell me someone remembers the Ultra Captain in the cosmodrome on destiny 1

  36. The traveler looks taken on the inside 🤨

  37. We need a patrol zone for the city.

  38. I tottally forgot that we resurrected sagira… wait. Why cant we just do it again? We have her shell and the hangmans pass device.

  39. Pretty sure we can grab Sagira from Neomuna right now, travel back to Hangman's Pass & revive her again with our Ghost 🤔

  40. Don't forget the Third Spire, that was the Trials of the Nine social space basically the To9 version of the Trials of Osiris Lighthouse.

    There's also a secret giant Vex gate in the Garden of Salvation raid that you can out of bounds your way over to.

  41. we need a new tower hub.
    Im sick and tired of this current one, and the helm is trash. Do they really clear out each side bunker each season? what did hey do with the egregore from the crown of sorrow?

  42. You can get to the ascendant plane if you make the strand public even heroic. I’ve been there.

  43. you're hearless if you go by the noodle shop and don't even look inside.. 🙁

  44. I get so pissed off with Bungie and the fact that refused to create a better space for exploration for us as the player. Considering they aren't making a D3 as we know it, it just wasted potential of creating a better gameplay experience with all of these assets.

  45. Iron Forest finder here. It’s a bit weird because in the files, Iron Forest exists as it’s own load zone but in game can be find in artifacts edge. I can’t say for certain why but my theory is it’s tagged as a “hub” (a place that exists in 2 load zones to serve as a transition area) between artifacts edge and some cut content

  46. Finally!!!!!!!🎉 Somebody talks about the Oracles. I thought I imagined them and was going crazy because nobody believed me. Thank you

  47. The galaxy pools give a real “who created the universe?” Vibe. It’s outside of the galaxy so could maybe the spot where a para-causal being made the Milky Way. on the destiny universe.

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