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10 BAD Champions that are OP in LOW ELO – League of Legends

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0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – Top
3:12 – Jungle
5:20 – Mid
7:29 – ADC
9:27 – Support
11:21 – SkillCapped & Outro

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  1. Oh, another Yi, Tryndamere, Garen videoโ€ฆ whatโ€™s good content

  2. maybe now 10 champions that are op in high elo but weak in low elo?

  3. all elo bad champ is corki . u rely too much on stability of game as corki .

  4. As an aspiring brand main in Silver, I can tell you that I play as a support in the early but when it comes to late, no one dares to get in range of my W๐Ÿ˜‚. Only problem I have is with the difficulty of fed divers and juggernauts since after a full EQW, they survive with at least 4/5 HP. I still plan on getting Brand to lvl 7 as support for the challenges and will put him to mid. Did that to Xerath supp, using him as mid is incredibly abusive and should be banned๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Believe me when i say that sona is a broken support in low and high elo . When i like to tryhard i play her , but u might be thinking why sona ? Bcz of 1 thing in her kit ( literally everything else in her kit and stats sucks ๐Ÿ˜“ ). Green (W) passive auto , ITS A FREE BUILT IN EXHAUST ! i build her tank so i get to stay alive longer which means more free exhausts ! The enemy assassins and divers just can not play the game . All i need is 1 good teammate and i buy knights vow and put it on them and they wont die again ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Sona is just soo good at giving both enemy and her own team despair if any of them lose a bit of advantage

  7. This video should never titled to what champs you should never pick up if you want to get to high elo

  8. Tristanna stealing that caddy from nasus after the gank gave me ptsd

  9. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but shouldn't people who look to climb out of low elo try to work on mastering a champ that will still be effective in diamond elo and above? I've always viewed low elo as a place to work on mastering champs and basic skills, and the climbing will happen naturally.

  10. I bought an annual registration today and gave up on the package the same day. Money back breakups to me. I wonder when this refund will be made or will it be made?

  11. I bought an annual registration today and gave up on the package the same day. Money back breakups to me. I wonder when this refund will be made or will it be made?

  12. I bought an annual registration today and gave up on the package the same day. Money back breakups to me. I wonder when this refund will be made or will it be made?


  13. alot of these picks are played by derankers or bots in low elo I've seen so many afk farm jg bots used to be amumu

  14. The problem with this video is that not every low elo player plays as bad. There are a lot of junglers that like to invade for example. There are also a ton of smurfs these days. So tldr of this video is basically: if your opponents are very bad those champs are good. Once you face a player that is slightly less braindead your success will fade. Riot matchmaking is so bad that the skill level is not as similar in the ranks. You have people in silver who play like gold/platinum but simply lack SOME THINGS that keep them much lower. Or people just playing too many different champs. Iโ€™m a gold player and if my enemy jg picks morde i will just fk him up from lvl 1 with Rengar. Donโ€™t need to be high elo for that.

    Would be much better imo to do the opposite video. Like champs that are actually broken in high elo (e.g. riven) but are played so bad in low elo that they are basically โ€žbadโ€œ in low elo.

  15. I wish there was a video to talk about how to handle players who are obviously climbing fast/borderline smurfing. Iโ€™m talking about the players who get 10 kills without dying once in the first 10 minutes of the game while nobody else in the lobby has more than one or two kills.

    Every. Single. Game. Has a player who simply doesnโ€™t belong in the game because theyโ€™re better than everyone else, so it just makes the match boring. Even if the Smurf is on my team, it sucks the fun out AND I dont really learn much to improve when one person is just doing everything.

  16. Saying MF isnโ€™t impactful without her R is the dumbest thing I have heard, you just arnt building her right

  17. A few more wins I'm gonna be an official low elo, right now I don't exist or even matter as a Bronze 2.

  18. Bullshit. Especially about Sona. Author, go learn a little before you say things like that.

  19. Those "high Elo" youtubers need to get their stories straight. One says Shyvana is literal garbage and other had Shyvana at OP junglar ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  20. ะœะตั…ั‚ะธ ะ˜ะผะฐะฝะพะฒ says:

    Guys, stop playing Brand support. He is not support rn by any mean, he is bot carry (like Karthus). Bot carry Brand make everything better than support.

  21. I'm surprised ww isn't on this list. he's super easy to learn in jg, and it helps with tracking your enemy jg

  22. bro this game is fakd up i lost 20 lp cuz of a fking bug everytime I accept one game it show that someone dodge and i lose lp everytime wt is this game in s 13

  23. Sol E is legit the most broken shit ever and Iโ€™m not low elo I hate him so much and so happy I never see him anymore.

  24. god no i hate having sona support in low elo cause no one plays her in a way where sheโ€™s useful 80% of the time

  25. 2:38 you can see that nasus took this cannon steal personally

  26. Adc doesnt have that issue with some being drasticly different with elo… yea they all suck, wherever they find themselves ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  27. Saying split pushing takes no skill is extremely misleading

  28. I understand how learning macro and making decision making will carry yourself but how do you carry consistent feeders? People constantly going 0-8 or more in more than one lane. At a minimum of 4 out of 10 games. It actually feels impossible to do anything. All objectives are taken, teams fighting the other fed team at a disadvantage almost the ENTIRE game and I'm off trying to grab bounties and farm but it doesn't add up to the 8-0 bot or mid lane.

  29. How is Malz good at low rank…? you rely on your team to kill the target that you R (in the case where you can't kill the target yourself.) If your team has no coordination for teamwork, using a champion that relies on the team to secure a kill is just silly xD

  30. Malz Q damage and the fact that it reaplies his E is so underrated i get 1v2 kills if ganked even before lost chapter in diamond+ . Aurelion sol is like Anivia (noobs assume weak lane) but mobile the only reason he has low winrate in high elo is because not many main him anymore and most just pick him occasionally since he lost so much identity

  31. Malz can "hold his own", people just have no clue how to play him, you can even see pros embarrassing themselves with him. When you have ignite, good spacing, match up knowledge and mana management, it's an entire different story.

    He looks bad in higher elo because people never bothered learning him because he has a reputation of "press R champ", so they don't have match up knowledge hence bad spacing and they don't take ignite.

    Also rushing rilays instead of liandry is more optimal in a lot of cases but not always

  32. So the title might as well have been "10 champions with bad early game"

  33. This is pure bs. You can carry on any champ you are good on in any elo, its about skill.

  34. I main top around masters. every time i get supp though i lock in sona and i have 60% wr over 50 games. like yeah people hate her yada yada yada. but she can mess melee supps up with poke early if you go for good trades. and yeah i build her ap and around 15 minutes you can deal damage like a brand and heal good.

  35. Another problem with Morde in the jungle is the fact you are forced in run ghost in most match ups otherwise it will be difficult to catch anyone in a gank. Once ghost is down your opponents will likely go hard in lane or on an objective because you are less of a threat. You can run flash but only against low mobility teams. Even then you still may want to run ghost do to Morde's lack of reach and cc.

  36. Diana Jungle would be fitting as well I think.

  37. Miss fortune is bad in high elo if you only use lethality, but if you know how to kite and are aware that she can be also built with crit then she's like an easier version of Draven

  38. communism w/ megan thee stallion characteristics says:

    aurelion solโ€ฆlook how they massacred my belovedโ€ฆriot yelough you will not see the pearly gates for this

  39. Shyvana bad in highelo.. Meanwhile Agurin in EUW Challenger lol

  40. Nidalee is quite good early put in an hour or 2 for basic understanding and you can in low elo invade 90% of the time get a kill on their jg snow ball put their jg out of the game not letting them get camps and whenever u see them kill then and be able to melt everyone else because of your huge gold advantage

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